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Starts: 03 February 2020
Applications Close: 30 November 2019

Duration: 1 year

  • NQF 5
  • SETA Certificate

Class Fee: ZAR 59 500

R1,900 off Application Acceptance fee if you pay before the end of October!

This one-of-a-kind National Certificate, takes your ideas, creative flair and way with words, and turns them into a successful career. Learn the sought-after, practical and theoretical skills necessary to become a Digital Copywriter, Social Media / Influencer, Community Manager, Content Creator or Content Planner.


The programme includes 6 practical modules with individual and group assessments and work integrated learning.

1. Marketing communications & consumer research

  • Introduction to Marketing Communications
  • DILO Immersive Market Research (Group Project)
  • Media Channel Selection

2. Insight & creative concept development

  • Introduction to Digital Content Creation
  • Content Planning (Group Project)
  • Conceptual Ideation Techniques
  • Persuasive Writing

3. Copywriting for digital media

  • Social Media Writing
  • Blogging & Podcasting (Group Project)
  • Content Video

4. Managing audience engagement

  • Community Management (Group Project)

5. Summative Assessments

  • Integrated SM Digital Campaign
  • Project Management – I Am the Brand

6. Work-integrated learning


    Meet our amazing team of lecturers who are equipped with industry knowledge and skills to prepare students for the dynamic changes in this 21st Century world


    I feel privileged to be a part of the amazing team at Red & Yellow. When I’m not playing the guitar or running you’ll find me braaiing or playing in the park with my kids.

    JEANDRI, Head of Education

    JEANDRI, Head of Education
    3 most valuable lessons on the knowledge journey: the best sight is insight, science is golden, and well done is better than well said.

    WENDY, Lecturer

    WENDY, Lecturer
    I’m a passionate taskmaster - after 20 years in the industry, I know what it takes to compete out there. That’s what I teach.

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    Applications are now open!


    Nowadays people are making entire careers out of their ability to influence on social media channels like Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter. Bloggers, vloggers, and webfluencers are making a living out of creating content, trading likes, shares and follows for brand engagement purposes. Globally-loved brands have based their brand equity on creating captivating content which goes viral in the media.

    The National Certificate in Advertising with a focus on Creating Digital Content will give you the skills you need to start a career in digital content creation. You will learn how to manage online communities, create a variety of content including blogs, social media posts, video, podcasts, web media, and more, and how to use it effectively to meet the business goals for other brands or for building your own personal brand.

    Here are a few key benefits/learning outcomes

    • Understand and integrate the principles of marketing communications
    • Construct, write, optimise and deliver integrated digital media campaigns
    • Understand and use analytics and metrics to determine online market reach and opportunities, and discover target market needs as they emerge and evolve
    • Learn how to successfully manage, develop and implement strategic content campaigns
    • Understand and apply the principles and techniques of community management across multiple digital communication platforms
    • Apply and integrate knowledge of the various roles within a marketing environment in order to play a pivotal role in the development of effective content campaigns

    Application Requirements
    A valid National Senior Certificate is required.




    This is your first chance to show us you’ve got what it takes! It gives us a glimpse of who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s your gateway to the programme. Download the skills assessment, complete it, and submit with your final application.




    Now download your application form by clicking the Application button. Fill it in, sign and upload; together with your skills assessment, and other necessary documents. Now it’s our turn to evaluate your submission and provide feedback.



    Once we’ve recognised you have potential and approved your application, you need to secure your spot by paying your Application Acceptance fee.

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