3 steps: complete the skills assessment, fill in your application form, upload all the necessary documents and then it’s our turn to review your application and get back to you!


Don’t forget this is a crucial first step. Get the correct skills test from the programme page.



All you need to do is upload your signed enrolment form and all the other documents needed. Now it's our turn to evaluate your submission and provide feedback.

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  • Show us what you can do! Upload your CV & Cover Letter as a single PDF. Note: Only applicable for the Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing and the Advanced Diploma in User Centered Design
  • Please upload the application form that was generated and emailed to you, with all relevant details and necessary signatures.
  • Upload the skills assessment for the programme you are applying to, as a single PDF. (Not applicable to Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing) There's a 20MB limit, and if you need assistance merging/reducing the size of your PDF click here to get help.
  • Show us what you've got! Upload your portfolio as a single PDF. Note: Only applicable for the B.A. Visual Communication Degree
  • We need a copy of your ID / Passport document (for International students) and it needs to be a certified copy. If you are more comfortable emailing, please click here to send us an email
  • Upload a certified copy of your most recent academic results. If you haven't finished matric just yet, don't worry you can still apply using these.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We want to make sure we get your application - so once you have clicked submit please wait for the confirmation page and email. If you are having trouble uploading your application to our website - pop us an email at

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