Creative Thinking Can Reinforce Bigger Ideas

How are pyramids, hydraulics, music, mnemonics, fake news and societal trauma linked? Where do we find inspiration and what is our purpose? A World Economic Forum Cultural Leader provides insight on how creative thinking can reinforce bigger ideas and make them happen. Trust us, it’s worth taking the time to watch this exclusive video that will definitely expand your thinking!

Mokena Makeka – Creative Imagineer and Creative Designer of Makeka Design Lab – inspires us with a new way of thinking in his talk titled, “Technology and the Age of Endarkenment”.

Mokena Makeka is one the 40 cultural leaders of WEF17, Davos/Klosters alongside such luminaries as Shakira and Forest Whitaker, recognised for speaking truth to power and seeking to change the world for better. A sought after speaker and thought leader on African cities, design, social and spatial practices, and demographic change. He is also the founder of the House of Makeka, a premium lifestyle suite of design and product experiences working to change the world through smart and exquisite design.

I design therefore I am. Beautiful things which have a purpose are the only things that deserve to exist.” – Mokena Makeka

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