This programme will prepare students – keen on both ‘creativity’ and ‘commercials’ – for career resilience, survival and success in a world that is pervasively being destabilised by technology.


We’ve amplified the conventional promise of teaching hard, technical, theoretical know-how; by adding unconventional benefits like practical implementation (on real brands) and the development of critical human skills (like empathy and creative thinking) that are essential to future career success.


This highly-relevant qualification prepares students for the ever-evolving business landscape – with a specialist focus on all the disciplines related to marketing and commerce; along with the theory and practical applications needed to equip them with the strategic, practical and critical thinking skills industry so desperately needs.

  • Duration

    3 Years

  • Qualification

    NQF 7 Degree

  • Class fee


  • Registration fee

    R9 500

  • Starts

    06 February 2023

Application requirements

A valid National Senior Certificate with degree endorsement / a Bachelor’s pass


Only applications with an Admission Point Score (APS) of 26** or higher will be considered.

With a 26** APS score a minimum score in the following subjects are also required:

About the Degree

At Red & Yellow, we know full well that it is possible to be a financial manager with an eye for design, or a brand manager with an artistic edge. In fact, our Bachelor of Commerce degree in association with Unilever was born from an awareness that everything we know is changing at a rapid rate – and that exciting opportunities await in a world where humans and careers are more varied than ever. R&Y’s brand-new BCom is like Mad Men with a technological and creative twist – taking the core disciplines of marketing and commerce and bolstering them with cutting-edge expertise like User Experience Design and Data Analytics. The upshot? You can now become a marketer who also knows how to create engaging website interfaces – and more. The possibilities and opportunities truly are endless. Our 27-year legacy as an African leader in advertising and marketing education, combined with Unilever's unparalleled global brand-building experience and expertise, makes this a formidable offering that merges industry-relevant, practically-oriented training underpinned by best-practice, future-focused theory.



Preparing you for a successful future and equipping you with all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to approach every project and challenge with just the right mix of creative magic and commercial logic, this degree offers a range of highly relevant, future-focused capabilities that are practically minded to boot.

• Technical knowledge: the concepts and know-how across all areas of business management, with a focus on marketing.
• Adaptive thinking: key to achieving goals within a constantly changing marketing, business and global environment.
• Analytical decision-making: decisions used to be made on assumptions or ‘what worked in the past’. Now they’re informed by collecting, analysing and evaluating the data bounty that digital makes possible.
• Critical thinking and quantitative techniques: to define the actual challenge, understand the context, interpret data and make informed decisions.
• Self-management and leadership skills: during the 3 years, social intelligence will be developed and applied – including empathy, teamwork, negotiation, influence, and leadership.
• Communication skills: using visual, mathematical and/or language skills in the modes of oral and/or written presentation.
• Creative thinking: exposure to various creative-thinking toolkits and underlying concepts to solve challenges throughout all modules. Learning to formulate creative-thinking methodologies to evaluate and synthesise solutions.
• Guest lecturers and interactive workshops with Unilever experts in key leadership roles.
• Case studies, practical briefs and projects involving Unilever’s African and
• global household brands.
• Possible work-integration opportunities at Unilever in
your third year, and alongside Red & Yellow’s existing industry partners.
• Close alignment with Unilever’s Future Leaders and Graduate programme.

An exclusive learning opportunity
Students also have access to Unilever’s Level Up platform to help them start their journey, level up their skills and build experiences to boost their CVs. From learning the basics of personal branding to improving their digital skills – or even taking purposeful action through volunteering, it provides practical and valuable tools to become even more employable. Other learning opportunities offered by this platform include:
• Purpose workshops (usually only available to Unilever employees)
• Mentorship sessions by key Unilever experts
• Access to exclusive content
• Insightful work experiences

Course Outline

First year (120 credits):
  • Compulsory subjects:
  • Marketing: Introduction
  • Accounting: Introduction
  • Business Management 1
  • Economics 1 (Macro & Micro)
  • Professional Communication
  • Customer Experience
Second year (120 credits):
  • Marketing: Consumer Behaviour/B2B
  • Statistics
  • Accounting: Introduction
  • Economics 2
  • Financial Management


  • Creative Leadership
  • Information Systems
Third year (120 credits):
  • Compulsory subjects:
  • Marketing: Introduction
  • Marketing Research
  • Applications: Digital & Services Marketing
  • Business Management 3
  • Business Law
  • Project Management
  • Electives: n/a

Who you’ll meet

Meet our amazing team of lecturers who are equipped with industry knowledge and skills to prepare students for the dynamic changes in this 21st Century world

  • B.Com., International Post-Graduate Diploma: Marketing & Advertising, MBA (1st level), Business Management & Marketing, CCXP, ACXS I am passionate about what branding can do for business and customers and figuring out how to cut through the clutter and truly connect to offer real value in people’s lives. With over 25 years in the industry it is important to me to bring my learnings to the classroom and encourage a dynamic environment where we all learn from each other.

  • BBs Sci (Marketing), M B Sci (Marketing), P.hD. Candidate (Marketing) I have been lecturing in tertiary education for almost 5 years and I continue to enjoy our lovely world. My Masters (Marketing) deepened my belief in the magic of understanding the people we share the world with. Marketing lets us do that from many angles and I keep being fascinated by it, hence my continued pursuit of education in this field. I hope that our students enjoy and even advance marketing in their creative ideas and can make our world an even sweeter place to live.

The application process

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