Digital Marketing



Starts: 27 January 2020
Registration Closes: 24 January 2020

10 weeks

ZAR 16 500

This 10-week online course is designed to kick-start or consolidate your digital marketing knowledge using the latest in online learning techniques and expert-reviewed content. Get the cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Confused about which digital course is best for you? Here’s a quick overview that highlights the benefits you’ll get from each.

You've been in the game for a while:

  • Traditional Marketing Managers
  • Experienced Managers
  • Brand Managers

You're new to the game:

  • Corporates - Moving into marketing for the first time
  • Ambitious professionals
  • SME's and start-ups
  • Graduates



The course includes 8 practical modules and assignments, as well as a final research project:

  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Module 2: Planning digital assets
  • Module 3: Creating digital assets
  • Module 4: Speaking to your audience of one
  • Module 5: Direct marketing
  • Module 6: Social media
  • Module 7: Online advertising
  • Module 8: Optimisation


You'll be able to:

  • Gain the latest practical skills that you can immediately implement
  • Understand the digital customer and design customer experiences
  • Understand how to use SEO and copywriting to enhance your digital assets
  • Learn to implement social media, social advertising, & content marketing
  • Use paid media to increase brand awareness and reach
  • Learn to implement UX best practices
  • Know how to effectively use mobile channels & apps in your strategy
  • Use data to drive business insights & innovation
  • Measure digital campaign success using web analytics and data

We have a range of digital marketing courses, find the best Certificate for you:

Digital Marketing: Introduction

Get to grips with the non-technical basics in digital marketing with our 6-week introduction course. Learn about content marketing, social media, UX, SEO and more. Perfect for anyone looking for a basic understanding and overview.

Digital Marketing: Professional Certification

Master all the aspects of Digital Marketing and get an in-depth proficiency and career boost with our 14-week Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. Including masterclasses with industry experts to bring the theory to life.

1-year National Certificate in Advertising: Digital

Transform yourself into a Digital Marketing professional in just 1 year. This online SETA accredited NQF 5 qualification will teach you the fundamentals of the marketing discipline and how to develop and implement successful Digital Marketing strategies.

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

This highly sought-after accredited NQF 7 qualification puts graduates at the top of the Digital Marketing game, opening doors to career-advancing opportunities. Learn how to strategise, analyse, create and implement strategies and campaigns, using a variety of tools and best practices.

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