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Negotiation is about reaching agreement. Successful negotiation is about reaching an agreement on your terms. And this is isn’t just for lawyers and big business, it’s for everyone in all aspects of their lives. Effective negotiation practised every day in the workplace leads to more productive business outcomes and better working relationships.


This one-day course - offered exclusively for internal teams of up to 12 people - will teach your great people how to:
• Identify a negotiation (they happen all the time)
• Understand the other party’s needs in the negotiation and going forward
• Understand your own needs in the negotiation and going forward
• Understand the current context and your state of mind, and that of your counter-party
• Have a common language through which to constructively negotiate
• Appreciate the entire depth of the negotiation and all its component parts
• Know the fundamentals of human psychology and persuasion science, as applied to negotiation
• Use these tools to execute an effective, collaborative, negotiation process with the other party or parties.
• Understand the importance of accountability and delivering on one’s commitments to the business and your colleagues.


  • More stuff gets done, your business moves forward faster
  • People respect and like each other more
  • Less time in meetings
  • Fewer politics and corporate drag
  • More accountability


  • Internal teams of up to 12 people.

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The course is delivered by Rob Stokes, Chairman of the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. He has negotiated business deals in the hundreds of millions, but his favourite negotiation is when two colleagues bring their different needs together, reach a harmonious agreement, high-five each other and deliver on their respective objectives for the business.

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