Digital Marketing: Professional Certification



Starts: 24 February 2020
Registration Closes: 21 February 2020

15 weeks

ZAR 24 500

So ‘hot off the press’, it’s still ‘on the press’ (to push the metaphor). This 15-week Professional Certificate is for digital marketers who are already in the game but want the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to stay on top and have an edge over their peers. It promises to be a deep dive into key areas of specialisation – intense, but so worth it!

As the leading educator in digital marketing, we realised that our flagship course was working tremendously for some, but not for others. So we’ve added two new courses – the Introductory Certificate, for those that just want to know the basics, but don’t need to do it themselves. And this one, for accomplished digital marketers who aren’t keen to commit to 2 years, or don’t have an NQF 6 qualification to get the ultimate ‘badge of honour’  – our Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing. This course is the perfect alternative option.

It’s why we’re the leader in this field. While many of our competitors create courses that they continue running for a few years without updating content to address the radical shifts that happen over time, we constantly update and refine course content, and respond to market needs.

Confused about which digital course is best for you? Here’s a quick overview that highlights the benefits you’ll get from each.

This course is perfect for:

  • Experienced digital marketers who want to polish and refine their skills
  • Digital marketers who want to take their career to the next level
  • People who have done our Intermediate Digital Marketing course and long to build on what they learned


The course is structured in 3 blocks of 4 weeks each, to give you the chance to truly get to grips with the focus areas.

  • At the end of every week, there’ll be quick assignments and quizzes to ensure you’ve grasped the learnings, followed by a mini research project at the end of each block.
  • We've added simulation software so that you can test your new skills, and sessions with industry gurus, so that you can pick their brains and learn from the best.
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