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Sales & Account Management Fundamentals



Starts: 25 October 2021
Registration Closes: 22 October 2021

5 weeks

ZAR 4 900

Win customers, close deals and build successful client relationships that drive revenue for your business. This online sales training course, developed in collaboration with seasoned sales professionals, will set you on the path to sales and account management success.

Many businesses still rely heavily on sales to bring in profit, even with the amount of business models that are out there. This means that the sales management role continues to be an essential function that has the potential to impact significantly on a business’s revenue. Building successful client relationships is an integral part of this role.

Learn from leading industry experts

online sales course partnerJustin Spratt: Justin’s experience in business development for disruptive organisations makes him the perfect Knowledge Partner for this course. Prior to Uber, Justin was the Chief Growth Officer of Quirk (now Mirum), leading revenue in excess of R200million out of 5 offices from London to Cape Town. And before that, he led the start and build-out of the Africa Portfolio for the group. He has started a few businesses and writes extensively on startups, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing.



The reality is that AI and robots will replace many of the jobs we know today. The likes of NASA and Google are already ahead of the game in their early recognition of the importance of ‘soft’ skills. Our courses and programmes are designed to prepare humans for this unknown world, by combining topic-specific knowledge and know-how, as well as a selection of the 10 uniquely human skills we’ve identified that will set us apart from ‘robots’:

Creative thinking, leadership, empathy, conflict resolution, critical thinking, adaptability, social intelligence, persuasion, negotiation, mindfulness

These ‘soft’ skills will, of course, be implemented within the learning experience on your online sales and account management course.

This course is perfect for:

  • Individuals new to Sales or Account Management looking for a real running start
  • Current Salespeople and Account Managers looking to become much more effective
  •  Sales and Account Management Teams looking to become word class
  • Entrepreneurs looking to increase sales and win clients


  • Module 1: Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Module 2: Nurturing and Challenging Customers
  • Module 3: Negotiation and Closing
  • Module 4: Account Management and Relationship Building
  • Work-based Assignment


5 modules that will teach you:

  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of effective selling and account management in B2C and B2B environments
  • Prospect, network and build your own pipeline of leads
  • Nurture leads through the sales funnel
  • Understand the value of selling solutions and analysis customer needs
  • Negotiate and close great deals
  • Develop and manage long-standing, lucrative customer relationships


To qualify you need to meet the following requirements:

The right attitude, a keen desire to succeed, and great communication skills (literacy, numeracy, comprehension).
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