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Starts: 10 July 2018
Registration Closes: 12 July 2018

Duration: 3 days

  • Certificate of Attendance

Cost: ZAR 3 500

A 3-day teen bootcamp run in partnership with Rocket School, for Grades 9 – 11 that focuses on sparking entrepreneurial thinking to develop and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Regardless of whether they enter the corporate field or start their own business, an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills that go with it are integral to career success. 

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The three days combine ‘learning’ with ‘doing’ - in a series of group and individual projects which lead towards a business-pitch presentation, with constant mentoring by industry experts

1. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

    2. How to be a great leader

      3. The creative process

        4. Tools to make the process easier

          5. Different types of business models

            6. Unpacking the jargon

              7. Understanding a customer

                8. Make your own website or video

                  9. Develop great pitch presentations

                    WHO YOU'LL MEET

                    Meet some of the amazing contributors, lecturers and facilitators who are involved with this exciting workshop

                    Dr. Jonathan Marks

                    Dr. Jonathan Marks
                    Jonathan’s multiple degrees give him a wealth of academic knowledge which he applies to teaching, seminal research and building successful entrepreneurial business ventures. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer at Gordon Institute for Business Science.

                    Karen Hidden

                    Karen Hidden
                    Karen’s 3 degrees include a Master’s in Inclusive Innovation. She has not only built a successful career in consulting on corporate philanthropy to local and multinational companies, she has also put it into practice by founding various non-profit entities that are all focused on giving humans the skills to make the world a better place.

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                    Over the course of three days you’ll work individually and in teams, whilst being mentored by industry experts.


                    • A good idea is just the start, you need to know how to make it sustainable. Learn fundamental skills to recognise opportunities, act with purpose and build collaborative networks
                    • Entrepreneurs create their own reality, rather than relying on organisations to make it for them, especially in light of the dire economic situation in SA. Even if they are employed, an entrepreneurial mindset will help them solve old problems in new ways.
                    • This is a non-negotiable for 21st century career success: the ability to think differently, join unexpected dots, solve unanticipated challenges.

                    Encouraging the right kind of entrepreneurial learning within a teen’s formative years is what really makes a difference later on in life. However, entrepreneurship education should not only focus on building businesses just to make a profit. Instead training ought to be aimed at providing learners with a holistic skills set that enables them to recognise opportunities, act with purpose and build collaborative networks.

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                    FINISHING LINE

                    Ready to sign up? BOOK ONLINE NOW or if you have any questions chat to one of our awesome team using live chat, email us or give us a call on 0861 878 258. We can't wait to meet you on April 4th at our Cape Town campus for a bootcamp that is sure to inspire and help you spark your entrepreneurial thinking and learn how to put it into practice.

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