Digital PR Course

The Red & Yellow School proudly presents Digital PR: Foundations and Best-Practice, a distance-based 5-week course designed to introduce you to the world of public relations in the age of social media, search engine optimisation and tracking tools through digital PR training.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate and market, leaving many traditional PR practitioners struggling to keep up with these evolving trends. While long-standing tools and techniques of traditional PR still apply – it’s the medium and methodology which has profoundly altered how brands, personalities, politicians and the greater public interact.


Course Outline

This online PR course contains the essentials of online public relations, as well as the techniques for using digital tools to improve efficiency, brand reception, and of course, internal and external communication.

Module 1: Planning WebPR Content
Module 2: Creating WebPR Content
Module 3: Online Content Distribution
Module 4: Online Reputation Management
Module 5: Goal Setting and Measurement

Why should I take this course?

The course is open to anyone from a public relations, marketing or communications background but is equally suited to anyone unfamiliar with the world of online marketing and communications, including those unsure of how to successfully apply best-practice in a digital space.

The content of Digital PR is designed to complement your knowledge of offline public relations in an effort to help you successfully execute digital campaigns. While you need to be familiar with the basic principles of the Internet, this 5-week course is not overtly technical.


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  • Course Length5 weeks
  • Start Date14 Sep 2015
  • Registration Deadline11 Sep 2015
  • PriceR4,750.00