Digital Marketing Course
May 15 – Aug 7 all-day

In partnership with the USB Executive Development Ltd of the University of Stellenbosch Business School, the Red & Yellow School presents a distance-based, 10-week Digital Marketing course. The November run of the course includes a two week break over the festive season, meaning that the course ends at the end of January 2017.

Content Marketing Course
Jun 5 – Jul 17 all-day

Our 5-week online course emerges you in the world of Content Marketing. During the course you will learn how to create, publish, and measure online content for your brand. We’ll show you how to build relationships and keep your customers engaged through the art of (brand) storytelling and providing valuable, interesting content.

Digital Copywriting: Foundations and Application
Jun 5 – Jul 17 all-day

This practical digital copywriting course will teach you the intricacies of writing for websites that grab and hold attention, creating positive associations for your brand.

Online Advertising
Jun 5 – Aug 7 all-day

The Red & Yellow School proudly presents Online Advertising, an online marketing and advertising course focused on an incredibly scalable, low-cost and highly measurable form of online advertising with proven return on investment.

Search Engine Optimisation 1: Foundations and Application
Jun 5 – Jul 24 all-day

Through this SEO course, we can help you add value to your brand to ensure the goods or services offered on your website are easily searchable online.

User Experience Design (UX): Best Practice and Application
Jun 5 – Jul 24 all-day

This course will teach you how to build a website interface in order to make your digital channels easy, intuitive and fun to use. The better the user experience, the more likely a customer is to react positively towards your company and its services.

Web Analytics: Foundations and Applications
Jun 5 – Jul 24 all-day

This course will help you understand web analytics, which falls into the broader strategy behind digital marketing. Analytics training is important, as marketers need to understand how to use the insight from data to better understand the behaviour of online users.

Marketing Strategy Course
Jun 12 – Jul 24 all-day

A 5 week course covers the development of a long term marketing strategy, and the foundations you need for translating this strategy into communications planning across all digital channels.We’ll also show you how to do that offline.

Project Management: Best Practice and Application
Jun 26 – Aug 14 all-day

This 6-week online course will equip you with the skills to manage internal agency projects for maximum efficiency and revenue.

Module 1: Introduction to Project Management
Module 2: The Project Lifecycle
Module 3: Project Control
Module 4: Risk, Issue and Change Management
Module 5: Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Module 6: Relationship Management

Why should I take this course?

  • Receive a set of tools and skills to guide a project from concept to implementation
  • Plan work schedules, manage conflicts and issues, keep control of budgets and timelines, and deliver excellent results to clients
  • Perfect if you’re new to project management and the agency environment
Social Media: Application and Best Practice
Aug 14 – Oct 16 all-day

In partnership with the USB Executive Development Ltd of the University of Stellenbosch Business School, the Red & Yellow School presents a distance-based, 8-week Social Media course.

Digital PR: Foundations and Best Practice
Oct 16 – Nov 27 all-day

This online PR course contains the essentials of online public relations, as well as the techniques for using digital tools to improve efficiency, brand reception, and of course, internal and external communication

Email Marketing: Foundations and Best Practice
Oct 16 – Nov 20 all-day

This online course in email marketing is designed to teach professionals how to execute successful email campaigns, still one of the most relevant forms of digital marketing. Email marketing is a CRM tool and one of the digital marketing tactics that, if used correctly, can yield one of the highest returns on investment for your business. Billions of emails are sent every day and it’s important from a business perspective to be able to break through this clutter and connect with customers at their most prolific touch point with the internet – their inbox.


Module 1: Introduction to Email Marketing
Module 2: Building an Email List
Module 3: Creating Email Content
Module 4: Optimising Email Campaigns

Why should I take this course?

This email marketing training is ideal for anyone working in marketing or business and who wants to learn how to master the art of email marketing and feel confident in executing large email campaigns. There are no formal requirements for the course other than having a basic understanding of the Internet and how it can be used for marketing purposes.

Marketing 101 Course
Oct 16 – Nov 27 all-day

Fundamentals and best practice  is all about the basics of marketing andapplying fundamental processes, plans and tactics to your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimisation 2: Advanced Application
Oct 16 – Dec 4 all-day

The Search Engine Optimisation 2 course will teach you how to further optimise a website for search engines and how to proactively leverage advanced SEO techniques:

Module 1: Understanding Search Engines
Module 2: Advanced Auditing
Module 3: Advanced Keyword Research
Module 4: Advanced Content Optimisation
Module 5: Advanced Link Building
Module 6: Advanced Reporting

Why should I take this course?

This SEO training course is aimed at those with already-existing knowledge and experience in the world of spiders, indexing and link juice. It is perfect for those seeking to advance their career in search engine marketing, or for digital managers and webmasters seeking a robust, holistic understanding of advanced SEO strategies and techniques.

While undertaking Search Engine Optimisation 1 is recommended, it is not a prerequisite to joining this advanced course.