Is the course content downloadable?

Notes are available in (downloadable) PDF format for each module.

Can students access all of the modules at the start of the course?

Modules are released on a weekly basis. (one module per week) These are released at 12pm on Mondays.

Can students re-attempt an assignment?

Students are welcome to query their marked assignment which the content team will review. They are encouraged to send through specific questions about the sections they are unsure of. Re-attempts are not permitted.

Do we have an extension policy for assignments?

Our extension policy is outlined in the welcome pack. Assignments are due a week after the modules are released.

We work on a strict marking cycle, as the assignments are marked by external markers.


We don’t offer extensions based on heavy workload, but we do make provisions for critical, real-life requests – eg: if a student is ill / has been hospitalised / if there is a family emergency or personal life situation that needs to be dealt with.

This is being reviewed – TBC

What are the working hours of the Course Coordination team?

Monday – Thursday: 8am to 5pm
Friday: 8am – 4pm

Do students receive feedback on their assignment submissions?

All written assignments are marked by external markers and moderated internally before the assignment is returned to the student. Constructive feedback is given to students on their individual answers. Students are welcomed to (even encouraged) query their marks / comments. These queries are sent through to our content team for revision.

How long will it take for me to receive my certificate?

After the final report is made available it takes approximately 2 weeks to prepare the certificate and send via courier.

How are certificates delivered?

South African destinations are delivered by Dawn Wing and internationally by Courier It. Students are also welcome to collect their certificate from our Cape Town office.
We provide tracking codes so students can monitor the status.

Do students have to pay delivery costs of the certificate or is it included in the course price?

It is included in the price. They don’t pay anything extra.

When are login details issued at the start of a course?

Login details are emailed on the Monday (before 3pm) the course starts.

What date and time are assignments due?

Monday at 10:00 am – so you have a week to complete them.

When do I receive my grades after each module?

The assignment takes 1 week to be marked and 1 week to be moderated. The marked and moderated assignments are uploaded on to the learning platform. Students can download their assignments from there to see their results. They will receive an email notification to let them know their results have been released.

Do we have access to the lecturers?

Yes, all content/assignment queries can be sent to students@redandyellow.co.za

Do I have access to the course/online platform after it has closed?

Yes – if they belong to our Alumni Network. They will be able to access all the updates and new material.

Do we provide confirmation of registration letters?

Yes, we provide letters of confirmation for students who need them for job applications.

How does CPD accreditation work?

Our Digital Marketing online course on its own is not accredited. It is aligned to Unit Standard 10064 ( Investigate and explain marketing and communications concepts) which is a unit standard that makes up the National Certificate in Advertising SAQA ID: 58820.

Are our courses SETA accredited?

We do run an accredited version of our Digital Marketing Online Course for corporates. The accredited version involves a blended learning approach where workshops supplement the material, and students complete a portfolio of evidence that has to be assessed by MICT SETA to earn accreditation.

What is our refund policy?

● If cancelled 7 or more days before the start date = 100% refund
● If cancelled during orientation week = 90% refund
● If cancelled after orientation week = 0% refund
● But students can defer to the next run

What is our discount policy?

1.Early Worm – 7 weeks prior to course start: 15% (applicable to all except DM + ADDM)
2.Early Bird – 4 weeks prior: 10% (excl ADDM)

2. We are working on an Alumni Network that will offer discounts on your next course of 10% on 19 September.