Introducing The Web Development and Programming Learnership!

Everyone has a right to education.  It’s at the core of social and economic upliftment in South Africa and the key to a brighter future.  We formed the Red & Yellow Springboard Marketing Institute (RYSMI) to give young people an opportunity to gain valuable, in-demand skills they would otherwise not be able to obtain. Our goal is to bridge the skills gap and provide the marketing, advertising and communications industry with a quality pool of young, skilled graduates.

Following the success of Springboard’s National Certificate in Advertising learnership programme, Red & Yellow is proud to introduce a new programme in Web Development and Programming (National Certificate in Information Technology: Systems Development or NCITSD), that will take our existing partnership between government and industry even further.

While web development and programming are among the most sought-after skillsets in many industries in South Africa, with high development and earning potential for professionals, few organisations are actually investing in training and equipping people with the means to develop a career in the field.

This one-year, full-time learnership programme therefore aims to provide high school graduates with a proven aptitude in web development with the foundation required to advance and excel through further training and investment. It also presents an excellent source of high potential talent to the advertising, marketing and communications industry.

Successful graduates of the programme will walk away with an NQF level 5 qualification (from which further studies in a related field are possible) and the basic and practical web development and programming skills they need to obtain an entry-level role in the industry.

The programme is designed to expose learners to the web development and programming industry in a real and practical way through 6 months of classroom learning (including guest lectures by professionals, mentorship and career guidance) followed by 6 months of practical on-the-job training with a company in the industry.

However, the support and involvement of the industry is vital in making the programme a success.  Whether it’s mentorship, sponsoring learnerships, or lending your time and expertise to the programme, Springboard needs your help to create and develop opportunities for the real career growth that South Africa’s youth needs.

Get involved by contacting Red & Yellow via email: or calling us on 021 462 1946 (Cape Town).

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