Why choose Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow is a Creative School of Business that provides our students with the commercial logic to grow successful organisations and more importantly the creative magic to set them apart. We are teaching the great creators, inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st Century.

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Awesome Alumni

Despite its colourful name, The Red & Yellow School was serious business and over a generation it has produced thousands of incredibly talented and successful alumni, many of whom have gone on to become leaders, not just of companies, but of industries.

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Meet our rockstar student

Meet Kayleigh Jeppeson, a second year BA Visual Communications student majoring in Graphic Design. She not only received 4 finalist nominations at this year’s Loeries but went on to win a Bronze for her indoor poster design which she completed during her first year! Well done Kayleigh - we can't wait to see what incredible work you produce in your second and third year!

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An Introduction To Harder To Kill Resilience | Webinar

Register and listen as Conn Bertish speaks about creativity, health, neuropathways and resilience for a world under stress.

Ever heard of a bouncy brain? You'll learn all about it in this free-to-attend webinar. Conn is an internationally awarded creative director, artist, public speaker, storyteller, brain cancer survivor and Founder of Cancer Dojo. As an additional accolade, he's also considered to be one of South Africa's top creative thinkers.This promises to be a truly inspiring talk that business owners, entrepreneurs, students, employees...ANYONE.. can learn from.

Where: Zoom
Time: 14:00 - 15:00 AM

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