It's not about 'us'...

Like our competitors, we could talk at length about what we do and what we offer. Parity promises which sound great, yet wont help you determine the best choice of learning partner.


...but 'what we can do for you'

A proven statement to our value and ability to deliver is the constant feedback from both students and employers, about how our programmes have led to astounding career success... not just 'jobs'.

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Logical business thinkers who understand human behaviour and use the magic of creative thinking.

Let's unpack that...

Logical business thinkers: Understand how business works across its functions and systems from corporate to micro enterprise, easily diagnose issues or opportunities and apply a clear, logical mindset to address them.

  • Highly employable: Red & Yellow produces great people who can hit the ground running, and who are able to deliver from day one.
  • Equipped for the real world: we're fanatical about staying relevant for current industry needs, and rigorous about meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements.
  • Industry input: we routinely meet with key industry leaders to gauge the workforce gaps in the market, the challenges they’re grappling with, and their future needs.
  • Lecturers with industry experience: experts in their fields - both in theory and experience - our academic mentors spend hours in one-on-one reviews that grow, guide and inspire students.

Understand human behaviour: In a world of cold, decision-making machines, you’ll understand what makes humans, human. Be able to master yourself and influence others to achieve the outcomes needed.

  • Teamwork: team projects teach students the essential skills of collaborating for the best outcome, while playing to individual strengths.
  • Brand projects: our students get to work on actual brands in Crossover; and very often, this has translated into actual real-life campaigns.
  • Human studies faculty: a faculty dedicated to teaching uniquely human skills such as leadership, negotiation and social intelligence skills that are going to become even more important in the working world.

Use the magic of creative thinking Real value is not created by doing the next expected thing. Rather, the most successful businesses innovate constantly and our graduates are able to lead that innovation.

  • Alumni network: Red & Yellow is a family; we support and help each other because we’re connected. Our awesome alumni are regular guest speakers, shapers of course content, future employers, role models, and always open to sharing advice or offering a leg-up to other ‘family members’.
  • Guest speakers: industry exposure is critical, and we regularly invite them to share wisdom, perspectives and strategies of their success with students.
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