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Use Lockdown to learn new career-boosting skills, kick start your side-hustle or simply prepare yourself for a brave new digital world and a new way of working.

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We know times are incredibly rough and tough, but working remotely during lockdown also gives you time to reassess your career and what you really want to achieve. You could also be wondering what you can do at home – try to focus on activities that will have a positive impact on your future.

 It might be that you want to grab the new opportunities that arise when the world comes back to (new) normal. Or perhaps you realise that growing your side-hustle is a more viable option. Either way, you will need new skills to do that.

For us, the question comes down to: do you want to just do a course, or grow your career? 

It’s not viable for us to go the ‘free’ route, but we are trying our best to do our bit. To that end we are offering a Lockdown Bootcamp with 3 or 4 modules from the courses we think are going to be most helpful to people at this time, at an affordable rate. You’ll also be able to come back to complete the rest of these courses at some time in the future, when you’ve completed the bootcamp.

How it works

  • Covers: 3 self-standing modules from each of our four leading products

  • Choose what topic works for you:

  1. Digital Content and Copywriting
  2. Digital Marketing Professional Certification
  3. Project Management
  4. Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Timing: Start whenever you want, but you have to complete it in three or 3- 4 weeks (from commencement), depending on the course

  • Format: no assignment during the Lockdown Bootcamp, but you will have quizzes throughout to test your knowledge (5 opportunities each time)

  • At the end: You will get a Certificate of Participation, extra evidence that you squeezed the most out of your lockdown experience.

Check out the courses below and see which one appeals to you the most.


A brief, useful, and entertaining introduction to the importance of content marketing and some tips on how to write great copy to entertain, delight, and captivate your users:

  • Week 1: Social Storytelling
  • Week 2: Copywriting Basics
  • Week 3: Long Copy & Copy for Direct Marketing

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A lot goes into project management – but the absolute basics, the things no project manager can possibly do without, come down to this: You need to know how to plan out a project, how to prepare for disaster, and what to do when things go wrong

  • Week 1: Introduction to Project Management
  • Week 2: Project Planning
  • Week 3: Risk, Issue, and Change Management

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You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if people can’t find your website, or have a terrible time when they’re there, your campaigns will fall flat. You need to ensure that your website is easy to find, and that visitors have the best possible experience when they get there

  • Week 1: SEO
  • Week 2: UX
  • Week 3: Optimisation

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This is a short 4-week learning intervention – extracted from our standard Entrepreneurial Thinking online course – to help you add valuable skills and knowledge that are very much in demand, earn you a Red & Yellow Certificate of Participation, and gain credits towards the longer version.

  • Week 1: Marketing and branding
  • Week 2: Sales
  • Week 3: Strategy and financial management
  • Week 4: Leadership

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