Why choose Red & Yellow


Degrees, Diplomas, National and Higher Certificates that cater for everyone and the high employability of our graduates have earned us close to 142 awards

15 K

Education that combines knowledge and practical skills, providing our 15 392 alumni with traits they can use in all aspects of their lives

87 %

87% of our students find employment on graduating due to a combination of experiential learning and know-how.

100 %
Unmatched Creativity

For 28 years we have had a single minded approach to teach students how to harness a skill that will stand the test of time and the metaverse. That skill is creativity.



Chris credits the school for inspiring him, and giving him excellent grounding. After many leadership positions at Ogilvy worldwide, he’s now a shareholder at a smaller agency.

Veli Ngubane

One of Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Youth of 2017, Veli credits Red & Yellow for shaping his conviction that real magic happens when business and creativity come together.

Jason Harrison

After impressive overseas success, he returned to SA as co-founder of M&C Saatchi Abel – one of SA’s fastest growing and most successful marketing communications startups.

Kamini Pather

Red & Yellow taught Kamini not only to communicate effectively, but how to get what she wants out of business.

Conn Bertish

As Creative Director on huge global brands at a range of top advertising agencies, he’s won all major industry awards.

Moe Kekana

Despite having no idea what to study, or what the role entails, Moe’s internship as Art Director at King James – one of SA’s largest independent agencies.

What’s Happening

eMarketing Textbook 6th Edition

We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of our eMarketing textbook print edition. We’re fairly confident in saying that since its humble launch in 2008, this book has grown to become the most widely used digital marketing textbook on the planet!

Our 6th edition is a big evolution from its predecessor. Besides being fully updated with new stats and international case studies, all the content has been critically reviewed by industry experts and adapted to include the latest trends and developments.

Download the eMarketing textbook here