Welcome to education that prepares today’s humans for the future, not the present. We believe


is the most important skill for the 21st Century.

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Our offering


Full-time industry-ready degrees, diplomas and certificates, combining theory with practical implementation

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Fast-track your career with relevant short courses that give you the practical skills from day one

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Immersive and intense workshops presented by industry leaders on essential 21st leadership skills

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Focused team training for your specific needs, blending workshops and online learning across all four faculties

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Get max return on B-BBEE spend, retain talent, and accelerate skills with learnerships, bursaries and programmes

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For close on a generation, we've produced creative alumni that have gone on to challenge convention, lead industries and achieve amazing things locally and internationally. We’re evolving for a world that is dramatically different from when we started and our mandate as educators is to prepare humans for unexpected challenges and resulting opportunities of the future.

We’ve already started expanding our core specialisation in marketing, advertising and communications to broader business, integrated with essential human skills, that prepare our students for phenomenal career success in the complex, highly unpredictable future ahead.


We produce logical business thinkers who understand human behaviour and use the magic of creative thinking to grow successful organisations and set them apart.

All our programmes, short courses and workshops include elements from all four faculties we believe are crucial to building well-rounded beings capable of handling what the future brings.

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Alumni Feature – Meaghan Essel, Copywriter at M&C Saatchi Abel

Meaghan completed her Diploma in Copywriting in 2016, and she fondly remembers her time at Red & Yellow. This is just a snippet of what she had to say, “As a creative, your thoughts are your currency and learning to think in ways you never had to before really opens up parts of your brain […]

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MAC LIVE VOL.1 | Katie Zheng

When people talk about the startup space they speak about the founders, the entrepreneurs, the innovative ideas and the creative solutions. But what about marketing? Early-stage startups often view marketing as a superfluous cost. The idea of paying for an in-house marketing person seems low priority when founders are focused on getting their business off […]

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2019 Graduation Ceremony

Our favourite and most prestigious event of the year which will see our final year students Graduate from their respective programmes.

Where: Red & Yellow School campus, 97 Durham Avenue, 2nd floor, Salt River, Cape Town

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