Prepare students for career success

Our mandate, as educators, is to prepare students for career success in the future, not the past. This single-minded purpose is why we exist, and what continues to drive and inspire us 20+ years later.
Right now, we’re focused on equipping humans for the 21st Century realities, and the exciting opportunities that’ll arise from the digital explosion and ever-increasing pervasiveness of technology.

How we do this and what we believe in/ethos:

  • Teaching VS learning: Education is most valuable when it combines knowledge with practical skills and essential human traits – like creative thinking, negotiation, and empathy – that are becoming increasingly important differentiators and key contributors to career success vs survival.

  • Real-life ready: We update our content constantly to ensure learnings are aligned not only to current industry needs and reality, but also shifts, trends and changes in the world at large.

  • Industry relevance: We are in constant partnership with industry leaders as to gaps, needs and opportunities for the workforce of the future.

  • Meaningful learning/highly employable: Every student, regardless of who they are and what they are studying, must have an enjoyable experience and come out with the essential combo of knowledge and know-how.

  • Intention to make a real difference/add value: To produce highly-employable graduates who have the competitive edge over their peers, the ability to fast-track their careers, and hopefully become the great creators, leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of the future.

  • Private institution: Which means we’re more agile and responsive.

  • Designed for 21st Century: Focused on preparing humans for amazing careers in the spaces robots can’t invade.

  • Lifelong learning is a non-negotiable: We cater for everyone, with a range of learning experiences.

  • School-leavers: Our degrees, diplomas and certificates ensure that graduates are highly-employable and have an edge over their peers.

  • Working professionals: Upskilling with online short courses and workshops.

  • Corporates: Focused programmes tailored to address both developing the most productive workforce and satisfying B-BBEE requirements.

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