Creative thinking is the most important skill

Artificial Intelligence and robots are going to replace some of the jobs we know today.

Red & Yellow is the business school where talented people go to develop the career skills they need to thrive in this digital world.

Our Mission

R&Y unlocks creative thinking to build brilliant careers and organisations using Commercial Logic and Creative Magic.

Our Vision

We are vision-led and values-driven and we are developing the next generation of changemakers, creators and innovators.


We believe creative thinking is the most important skill of the future and it must be supported by uniquely human abilities such as leadership, adaptability and social intelligence.

We are a Creative School of Business that provides you with the commercial logic to grow successful organisations and more importantly the creative magic to set them apart.

We are teaching the great creators, inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs for the 21st Century.

We will be the most creative business school in the world.


93% of Red & Yellow graduates find employment within two months of graduating. To learn more, download the latest edition of our Employability Report below

Leadership with a purpose

At R&Y, successful business principles and inspired leadership aren’t just concepts that form part of the curriculum – they are part of the school’s backbone and embodied by those who are steering it towards even greater success.

Verusha Maharaj

Managing Director

R&Y’s Managing Director, Verusha Maharaj, is an industry stalwart in marketing and advertising, with vast experience in running projects for start-ups and multinationals alike.

Andrew Allison

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew Allison – Chief Commercial Officer – comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience and this corporate lawyer, accountant and B-BBEE specialist is also a business problem-solver of note.

Carmen Schaefer

Head of Academics

Carmen Schaefer, Head of Academics, is committed to new ideas and the power of creativity – and firmly believes that it’s not just students who should strive to keep growing and evolving, but also the school.

Elizabeth Lee Ming

Head of Marketing

Elizabeth Lee Ming is an award-winning Growth Marketer and her background in managing multinational accounts not only sets her apart as R&Y’s Head of Marketing – but means that she could not be a more fitting example for students pursuing careers in this field.

Justin Pretorius

Head of Technology and Operations

With a diverse background in technology leadership across blue-chip corporations and startups, Justin firmly believes that technology plays an essential role in enhancing education.

Academic faculty

Carmen Schaefer

Head of Academics

Melissa Opperman

Manager of School for Life Long Learning

Marilette Red and Yellow

Marilette Pretorius

Manager: Programme

Megan Landman

Manager: Regulatory &
Student Affairs