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This is eye opening. I’ve been undermining AI, now I’m interested in it more than ever

Ntuthuko Ndlovu

Red & Yellow has always been about preparing young minds for the world of work from day one. Founded 28 years ago by the founders of Ogilvy in South Africa, our primary intention is to prepare students for the world of work knowing exactly what the market needs.

Today, we are tackling the biggest issues facing creatives head on: what effect AI will have on our industry and on our jobs. Every week a new technology or feature is released when it comes to AI. From the latest iteration of GPT-4 to new applications of generative fill in Adobe Photoshop, keeping up with changes is challenging. Until now. 

Red & Yellow presents a whole new solution when it comes to your education – two-week micro courses to understand and implement the very latest AI knowledge and skills in the creative and management fields. Keep reading to find out how we developed these courses for your career today, and explore them below.

When it comes to AI, we are all students in this new field. In order to build courses with the very latest knowledge, Red & Yellow turned to the experts.

Our Programme Development Manager Marilette Pretorius, as well as our Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Allison, attended this year’s Ai4 Conference, the world’s largest gathering of artificial intelligence leaders in business, in Las Vegas to understand the latest takes on AI.

Red & Yellow presented our findings at this year’s Loeries Creative Week, where top creatives in Africa and the Middle East came together to discuss the future of the industry. Our team also presented a webinar, “Three Things to Know, Do and Be in the World of AI”. Catch up with the session below. 

If you enjoyed this webinar, you can access a number of resources quoted during the session. You can find David Shapiro’s YouTube channel that’s all about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and AI, here. Harvard’s Business Review article is here, and Matt Wolfe’s videos are here.

Meet Red & Yellow’s new AI micro courses

Armed with this knowledge, we’ve built our new AI micro courses to be fit for purpose in the world of copy, design, insights and UX. Each micro course is designed to help you master AI tools to thrive in the next generation of work.

“What a great point of view on AI. Thank you Red & Yellow!”

Amy Philipson

Four quick take outs from Red & Yellow’s Loeries Masterclass,
“Me, Myself & AI”, on AI in advertising:


Make helpfulness the main focus of your AI initiatives. Remember to drive brand engagement by helping to solve real-life problems.

‘Never Finished’

Adopt a ‘never finished’ approach. Effective creative work keeps iterating. With AI, Involving your audience and making sure their voices are heard is simpler than ever before.

Be Inspired

You can use AI when you’re facing a blank page or a flashing cursor. And be open to where it takes you in terms of a prompt for your creativity.


So many people hear the term AI & they’re overwhelmed by what it means, but don’t let the complexity of the technology confound you. Artificial intelligence CAN facilitate human connections.

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Where Human and Machine Creativity Intersect”

When it comes to artificial intelligence and creativity, we are all students as we try to understand its effects and real world applications. How will AI impact human creativity, what can we do today to prepare for it, and – most importantly – will AI eat our jobs? 

Download our latest white paper to catch up on Red & Yellow’s opinions on how AI will affect the creative job market, where we are and where we’re going.