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AI for Management Insights

You’ve heard that AI is taking over the world and you want to know how you can use it to supercharge your business decisions. The short answer is, it can. But AI-generated insights can only ever be as good as your prompts. You’ll need to know how to prompt the AI appropriately so that you can leverage its insights in ways that are meaningful for your business.

Red & Yellow’s new AI for Management Insights microcourse will equip you with the necessary prompt engineering and other skills to critically engage with AI generated business insights. This microcourse is perfect for business managers, leaders and other practitioners looking to leverage AI by generating and analysing data-driven insights, to make sound decisions that will future-proof your business and give you the edge over your competitors.

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What you’ll get from this course:

Empower your skillset

Get all the theory and practical tools you need to understand and harness AI to boost your career.

Learn from top creative minds

Our lecturers are industry leaders and bring wealth of experience to the classroom.

Unleash your creativity

This micro course is built to help you master AI tools to thrive in the next generation of work.

Get industry recognition

Gain a Red & Yellow certificate of completion, giving you a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.

Paid Subscription Requirements:

GPT 4 account (ChatGPT Plus) subscription at $20 p.m. (cloud-based)

Future-proof, modern & practical skills your career will benefit from

This microcourse will equip you to master and leverage AI tools such as GPT4 and embedded platforms to critically engage AI-generated insights for your business. You will learn the nuances around AI-generated insights, including possible algorithmic biases; and how to either overcome or take these into account when presenting insights to peers and superiors, and making decisions for your business.

What you’ll learn:

  • To describe the importance of prompt and prompt-engineering to analyse data and generate insights and reports.

  • To use GPT4 and embedded platforms to generate insights and reports.

  • To use the insights and reports generated using AI to present data effectively.

  • To critically reflect on inherent biases and socio-political issues relating to and present in AI-generated insights.

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Course curriculum:

Module 01

AI for Business Management – Introducing Data and Machine Learning

Module 02

Mastering AI for Surfacing Business Insights

How Red & Yellow micro courses are designed to future-proof your career

Our new micro courses are designed to accelerate opportunities and give a boost to your CV. You’ll be recognised by top businesses across industries as having the practical skills and the theoretical background to hit the ground running with confidence and creative flair.

Who you’ll meet

This course was created by, and benefits from, our full-time lecturers’ years of experience in the field – both in lecturing and in industry. They know how to nurture talent and bring out the best in students, resulting in many award-wins over the years.

Carmen Schaefer

Head of Academics

Carmen began her career as a graphic designer in the fast-paced world of advertising. Since then she has been lucky enough to have been involved in the education of South Africa’s most talented young creatives for the past 20 years. She currently leads the academic team at Red & Yellow and is committed to growing Red & Yellow into the most creative business school in the world. She also authors the annual employability report.

“Thank you Team Red & Yellow for the knowledge. It’s only been a few months and I can see a difference in the way I think regarding advertising and marketing in the digital realm.”

Nadine Botes

Ogilvy – Senior Creative Specialist in Retail Marketing and Advertising