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Management studies

To produce great managers and leaders with the commercial logic to build great organisations and the creative magic to set them apart. We provide all the tools they need to understand both small and large organisations, and how they can affect positive change within them both locally and globally.


To produce business savvy marketing professionals who deeply understand people, are rampant innovators and are able to bring the latest trends in communications technology to their brand’s marketing mix.


To produce professionals who have a deep understanding of human behaviour and are able to use this skill to both control themselves as individuals and influence the world around them, from the people they lead to the customers they serve.


To produce smart, logical, customer focussed creative talent. We train the important skills of graphic design, art direction, copywriting, photography. Importantly in a digital world, we teach content creation, user experience design, software engineering and web development.


Simply put, a Learnership is a 12-month work-based learning programme that results in an NQF-registered qualification. Learners (“eligible students”) attend lectures and work through online learning theory while being in the workplace where they are able to practically apply their newly learnt skills and build up work experience.

Learnerships offer companies a wealth of B-BBEE points, access to SETA grants and lucrative tax deductions. Companies who run Employed Learnerships are also able to recognise both the full cost of the programme and the full salary of each learner for the duration of their participation in the programme.

Our upcoming Learnership programmes

DIGITAL MARKETING EMPLOYED ONLINE LEARNERSHIP | 15 NOVEMBER 2021 Upskill your teams with essential Digital Marketing and Project Management expertise. This programme will give learners industry-relevant knowledge, expose them to international best practice, and teach them theoretical foundations and practical techniques and skills to enter the field of digital marketing and online advertising.

USER-CENTRED DESIGN EMPLOYED ONLINE LEARNERSHIP | 15 NOVEMBER 2021 Equip your teams with the mindset necessary to fuel the development of innovative and impactful solutions to your customer’s real-world needs. This programme will teach learners to better understand human behaviour, learn how to solve complex problems in a unique new way and elevate and expand their design skills to more advanced and impactful levels. We’re running all of the above Learnerships as open runs, meaning that there is no upper or lower limit to how many people companies need to enrol.

Check out these resources to learn more about Learnerships.

Learnerships – when done right – combine three things we’re really passionate about; High quality and effective training, massive transformation benefits and a wealth of perks for organisations that run them. Because of this, we’ve had a bunch of people asking us how these programmes actually work and how they’re different from regular skills programmes. That’s why we’ve recently published the first-ever Learnership ‘How-to’ guide. If you have any Learnership related questions or curiosities, we highly recommend giving it a read – we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for there.
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Accredited Skills Programme

Address critical skill-shortages with our range of highly-impactful Accredited Skills Programmes (Category E). These programmes combine a world-class online learning experience with practical, sector-specific workshops to deliver outcomes-focused training over a period of 3 to 6 months.

Many of our accredited online courses can be supplemented with expert-lead workshops to create a bespoke Skills Programme for your organisation. Can’t find a Skills Programme that addresses your organisations specific training needs? Speak to one of our corporate training consultants to find out if we’re able to build a programme for you.


We currently offer a spectrum of Digital Marketing, Design Thinking, Management and Leadership related Skills Programmes and are able to build new products according to your Skills Development needs.

We’ve run the following skills programmes before:

  • Foundations of Digital Marketing
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Content and Copywriting
  • Digital Media Management
  • Project Management
  • Art of Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Sales and Account Executive Training


A Skills Programme is an occupation-based learning programme aimed at building skills that have economic value, and which incorporates at least one unit standard. It is registered by a SETA and delivered by an accredited training provider and leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The benefits of Skills Programmes include the following:
  • Allows for the development of specific competencies in identified areas
  • Fully-recognisable against Skills Development targets
  • Improves the skills and overall job satisfaction of participants
  • More economical and flexible in terms of time and expense in relation to other, longer accredited forms of training


We see the bigger picture. We’re one of the few institutions able to address the full spectrum of the Skills Development process: as a CHE-accredited Private Higher Education Institution, we offer a range of full qualifications and bursaries; and a SETA- and SABPP-accredited training provider, supporting corporates in delivering on their broader training and transformation goals. As education providers, we teach the skills that grow successful organisations – ranging from giving juniors a powerful headstart, to accelerating seniors and execs’ career paths. As enablers, we help corporates retain key talent, and get the maximum return on their B-BBEE Skills Development spend. A key differentiator from other educational businesses and B-BBEE agencies, who only come from one perspective.


We are committed to driving transformation, and have been working intensely to ensure we have a deep understanding of:

  • The regulatory framework: we get the intersection between legislation, education and the business environments.
  • The challenges industry faces: we regularly meet with a wide range of influential stakeholders, across all sectors, to get to grips with the speedbumps, frustrations and skills gaps they have to deal with.
  • The value we can add: imparting theory is not enough. The value lies in translating the theory into practical skills and expertise that are highly sought-after. So the insights we gain from industry are crucial to informing training programmes that will add the most relevant value, and making sure corporates get optimal ROI from their B-BBEE spend.

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Degrees, diplomas and certificates that cater for everyone and the high employability of our graduates have earned us close to 142 awards

15 K

Education that combines knowledge and practical skills, providing our 15 392 alumni with traits they can use in all aspects of their lives

87 %

87% of our students find employment on graduating due to a combination of experiential learning and know-how.

100 %

What's cool? 27 Years of focus placed on preparing our students for amazing careers in the spaces robots can't even invade!


Chris credits the school for inspiring him, and giving him excellent grounding. After many leadership positions at Ogilvy worldwide, he’s now a shareholder at a smaller agency.
Veli Ngubane
One of Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Youth of 2017, Veli credits Red & Yellow for shaping his conviction that real magic happens when business and creativity come together.
Jason Harrison
We inspired Jason to believe passionately in the power of changing the world for the better. After impressive overseas success, he returned to SA as co-founder of M&C Saatchi Abel

Frequently asked questions

Can you host the workshop online?
Yes! We are increasingly hosting workshops online for our learnership and skills programmes. The workshops are shorter, due to the digital parameters limiting physical interaction, but we do use polls, questions, chats and even tasks and break out rooms to keep students engaged and focused
Do you have an accreditation letter?
Yes we have letters from the SETAs that we are accredited with. These are available on request
What Seta are you accredited with?
We are accredited with both MICT SETA and the South African Board of People Practices (Sabpp)
Can I do an accredited programme with you if I am from a different Seta?

Yes you can. If your organisation is with a different SETA they can still earn points and get recognition for their spend. In fact, your organisation can do an entire learnership with us, even if they are with a different SETA.

Our amazing Programme Managers, together with our SETA consultant, will ensure all the necessary paperwork, MOUs and letters required to manage this training between SETAs are managed efficiently.