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ACA Graduate Programme for Agencies

If you want to gain critical and foundational skills and mindsets, a practical understanding of how the industry works as well as a valuable networking environment for interns and grads then this is the course for you! The ACA Graduate Programme, in partnership with Red & Yellow, is officially endorsed by the Association for Communication and Advertising, who believe in the power of creative leadership to drive sustainable change.

It’s important to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge for a successful career in advertising. This industry endorsed and industry wide graduate programme provides an in-depth exploration of the South African Marketing, Advertising, and Communications ecosystem, getting you work-ready in just over 12 months.

“We are so pleased to partner with the Red and Yellow Creative School of Business on this exciting and much needed graduate program. People who enter the ad industry often come from disparate backgrounds and often lack the foundational skills and knowledge about how the various parts fit together. The curriculum helps equip them with a broad yet detailed understanding and will also introduce them to a network of peers. It’s invaluable to the students and also of course invaluable to the industry at large. We’re grateful to R&Y for their exceptional learning design on the program and look forward to it running for many years.”

Gillian Rightford

Interim Executive Director at the ACA.

Why this programme is for you

In just over 12 months, you will be work-ready and equipped with critical and foundational skills, mindsets, and an understanding of the industry that will ensure a successful career in one of the most exciting industries.

With the curriculum being structured into six modules, you will focus on each critical aspect of the industry, giving you essential knowledge of the industry.

You’ll learn from industry experts, gaining exclusive knowledge, industry recognition, essential skills, and an expert understanding of the South African Marketing, Advertising, and Communications ecosystem.

Does that not sound like something you want to be a part of? This course is perfect for interns, grads, and other new entrants into MAC sector agencies and businesses. Enrol now and improve for the better with Red & Yellow.

What you’ll learn

  • How the Media, Advertising and Communications industry works
  • How Media, Advertising and Communications agencies are structured and operate, and how they work together
  • How work flows through an Agency from the point of view of the Client
  • A working knowledge of how each major discipline in the industry works
  • Basic principles of project management, budgeting and agency finance
  • The principles and rules relating to responsible and ethical advertising
  • The principles of professional conduct, etiquette and communication, making you workplace ready and proficient

Learn from industry experts and top lecturers to improve your knowledge of the South African Marketing, Advertising, and Communications ecosystem.

Equip yourself with the right skills, knowledge and understanding for a successful career in this exciting industry.

Get the creative tools to thrive in the advertising industry in ways you’ve never thought to do.

Be recognised as part of Red & Yellow’s esteemed alumni and boost your CV with this certification.


Avoid redundancy in the tech-dominated future. Our courses are designed to harness your uniquely human skills – that set you apart from the machines. 

  • A hard-copy of our globally read 7th Edition eMarketing textbook (worth R950)
  •  An industry-sought-after Certificate of Completion from Red & Yellow
  • Original, relevant, and constantly updated content
  • An interactive online learning experience that includes videos, live chat sessions, forum discussions, and more

Our courses are both current and relevant to the South African context.

Applicable, practical assignments:

  •       So that you can apply what you’re learning to your everyday work life, and your specific business challenges.

Discussion Forums and Chat sessions:

  •       Helping you develop your professional network.
  •       Hosted by your coach, lecturer, or subject specialist.
  •       Ideal opportunities to discuss the content and get answers to all your questions.

Personalized feedback:

  •       Tailored to your individual strengths, and opportunities for personal improvement.

A dedicated team:

  • Acting as your “virtual” support crew whose only focus is to help get you over the finish line.

Course curriculum:

Meet your team:

This course was created by, and benefits from, our full-time lecturers’ years of experience in the field – both in lecturing and in industry. They know how to nurture talent and bring out the best in students, resulting in many award-wins over the years.

Keith Smith
Head of Corporate Sales

Andrew Allison
Chief Commercial Officer

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

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Red & Yellow is the business school where talented people go to develop the career skills they need to thrive in this digital world.

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To succeed in social media, you need to understand the various platforms available to you, which objectives social media can help you to achieve, and how to create a strategy using social media to reach these goals

Social media is one of the most important channels to consider since it takes up a huge amount of people’s overall time online. Most consumers expect brands to be active on around three social media platforms, with Facebook topping the list.

Each social media platform appeals to a different audience and is capable of different forms of content delivery. You need to make sure you select the right platform for you. Think about who uses each platform and whether it fits in with your objectives. Research to find out where your target audience is. 

There is a host of social media options for you to consider, whether you are a marketer, a marketer looking to venture into social media marketing, or a business owner looking to leverage social media. It is helpful to know about all the sites which will allow you to engage with the right people, maximise your brand reach on social media, and achieve your social media goals.

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