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*Limited to companies only* Develop critical digital marketing and project management skills in your people. Score big B-BBEE points and benefit from tax incentives.

Skills Development and Tax Benefits

Corporates can take advantage of skills grants, tax rebates and an increase in points on their B-BEE scorecards. They can recognise both the full cost of the programme and the full salary of each learner for the duration of their participation in the programme.

Programme Details

Starts 23 March 2020
One-year NQF-Level 5 qualification
Built on the National Certificate in Advertising framework


This one-year NQF-Level 5 qualification, built on the National Certificate in Advertising framework, will:
• Give learners industry-relevant knowledge
• Expose them to international best practice
• Teach them theoretical foundations and practical techniques and skills to enter the field of digital marketing and advertising

As digital marketing becomes more and more competitive, in-house marketing departments and agencies are increasingly in need of professionals who:
• Understand digital marketing strategy
• Are familiar with the range of digital tactics available for marketers and advertisers
• Can schedule and manage workflow for integrated campaigns and projects
• Can optimise their digital marketing efforts and conversion outcomes using analytics


  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Market research and behavioral economics
  • Digital Marketing tactics
  • Project management
  • Client-agency relationships
  • Online advertising and media planning
  • Web analytics and optimisation


  • Employees working in a marketing or digitally-oriented field where they can readily apply the learnings theory into practice, or are being trained to move into appropriate roles in the future.
  • Top of the list: eCommerce businesses, tech start-ups, marketing departments, publishing houses, communications businesses, brand management teams, in-house agencies, media advertising divisions, integrated and digital agencies, digital businesses, technology businesses

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Su launched into the exciting world of 'social networking' over 20 years ago at the tender age of 14, as a talkative, yet geeky teenager with a passion for people, online engagement and web forums. Su was later propelled to complete her Bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences at UCT, with a keen interest in Behavioural Psychology and Relationship Marketing, to gear up for the socio-digital revolution she knew was inevitably coming.Su has over 15 years of both digital agency and corporate social media, digital, CRM, strategy, e-commerce, experiential events, brand ambassadorship and brand management experience under her belt. She has won numerous industry awards and was the first South African to be recognised on the global list of Corporate Social Strategists. Su has been a regular speaker at social media, digital and integrated marketing conferences around South Africa.

What is a learnership

A learnership can be described as a training programme that consists of both theoretical and practical elements. Training is done over a predetermined period (usually 12 months) for the purpose of developing specific skills or competencies. A learnership should lead to a qualification consisting of unit standards and levels registered by the South African Qualifications Authority. Read more.

In Red & Yellow's Learnerships, we provide the theoretical training and our sponsor and host employers provide the practical, workplace development and mentorship. The result is well-rounded, work-ready graduates who are all set to start successful careers and help drive transformation across our country.

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