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Digital Marketing: Introduction



Starts: 08 November 2021
Registration Closes: 05 November 2021

6 weeks

ZAR 9 900

In the past, the marketing mix remained fairly predictable and way easier to master than it is now. In just 6-weeks you’ll be able to identify good (and bad) digital marketing strategies, understand the brand’s positioning in a digital environment, discuss and suggest optimisation strategies for new and current campaigns.

A non-technical overview of the basics in Digital Marketing.

This is the perfect course for people who need to understand what Digital Marketing is all about in order to lead and guide a team

Our incredible subject-matter experts:

This course was created by our subject-matter experts, who have loads of experience in the field, as well as in designing the most impactful Digital Media and Marketing learning experiences, and endorsed by the IAB SA.

Confused about which digital course is best for you? Here’s a quick overview that highlights the benefits you’ll get from each.


The reality is that AI and robots will replace many of the jobs we know today. The likes of NASA and Google are already ahead of the game in their early recognition of the importance of ‘soft’ skills. Our courses and programmes are designed to prepare humans for this unknown world, by combining topic-specific knowledge and know-how, as well as a selection of the 10 uniquely human skills we’ve identified that will set us apart from ‘robots’:

Creative thinking, leadership, empathy, conflict resolution, critical thinking, adaptability, social intelligence, persuasion, negotiation, mindfulness

This course includes:

This course is perfect for:

  • Conventional Marketing and Brand Managers, who need a quick accelerator into the digital realm in order to brief teams and drive improved performance and engagement
  • Corporate players who are not involved in marketing, but ARE concerned about how the brand is stacking up in this new, unpredictable space
  • Small business owners who use freelancers and third parties for their digital marketing initiatives, so that they can better understand what is possible to ascertain if they are getting the ‘best bang for buck’
  • Newbies’ to digital marketing who want to explore if it is indeed a subject that interests them


The first week is dedicated to familiarising yourself with the online learning platform (virtual classroom), and meeting the humans that'll support you. Then in weeks 2 - 6 you’ll delve into the foundational basics of Digital Marketing - the tools, techniques, terminology and tactics, but not the practical implementation. For this, you’ll need to complete our flagship Intermediate Certificate in Digital Marketing.

  • Module 1: Strategy
  • Module 2: Owned Media
  • Module 3: Earned Media
  • Module 4: Paid Media


At the end of the course, you'll:

  • Be able to map out strategic customer journeys on digital channels and platforms
  • Learn the role that various channels and media play in marketing communications and promotions
  • Understand the basics of crafting a digital marketing strategy and the most suitable tactics that need to be applied
  • Know how to measure performance, what data to use, and how to identify the right metrics
  • Be able to identify the various benefits and applications of UX, paid media, engagement, keywords, display advertising and effective targeting


To qualify you need to meet the following requirements:

An understanding of the marketing discipline, and a grasp of digital marketing in general.
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