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Starts: 07 February 2022

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Duration: 1 year

  • NQF 7

Class Fee: ZAR 84 500

Acceptance Fee: ZAR 9500


Marketing & Advertising Communications is about the relationship between consumers and brands. Learn how Consumer Insight leads to ideas that build creative campaigns and how Integrated Marketing Communications channel the voice of the brand.


The programme includes 6 practical modules and individual and group assessments, as well as a 2 Crossovers and MAC Live

1. Strategic Marketing Communications

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Cause & Sustainability Marketing

2. Integrated Brand Communications

  • Integrated Brand Communications (IBC)
  • IBC Tools
  • Brand Positioning / Brand Building

3. Agency structures

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational framework / WPL

4. Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Digital Copywriting

5. Channel Planning

  • Channel Planning
  • Digital Media Planning
  • Earned Media / PR

6. Research/Consumer Behaviour

  • Market Research
  • Consumer Behaviour / Insights
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Data / Online Analytics

7. Brand Challenge 1 (formative practical assessment)

    8. Brand Challenge 2 (summative practical assessment)

      9. MAC Live (final research individual project)

        10. Work-integrated learning

          WHO YOU'LL MEET

          Meet our amazing team of lecturers who are equipped with industry knowledge and skills to prepare students for the dynamic changes in this 21st Century world

          DI, Lecturer

          DI, Lecturer
          I seriously love this place! Every day, I get to use what I’ve learnt in 20 years in the industry and share it with some incredible students.

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          You are immediately exposed to the scope of the industry and the vibrant people in it, and invited to try your hand at its main disciplines. Enhancement of personal skills also takes place early on – maximising individual potential, team dynamics and presentation skills – all of which are highly valued in the industry, will enhance your career success and will stay with you forever.

          You will be exposed to cutting edge processes in the Industry – IMC, viral, and digital marketing communication. This is achieved through interactive workshops where people in the business present the challenges facing them and look to Project Teams for solutions.

          Theoretical component: The fundamentals of effective communications are prioritised and entrenched to reflect the importance that strategy carries both in the School and the Industry. You’ll learn to apply concepts and processes that give greater insight into forces in the marketplace, consumers’ willingness and ability to buy, and the effective positioning of brands. You will play specific roles in team situations, the most effective form of learning, leading to brand building, target marketing and building permanently acquired skills.

          Practical component: Project work involving contemporary brands and issues is part of each and every aspect of the course. Students work in Project Teams to solve business problems by taking on key roles: project coordinator, strategist, planner, and researcher. To take things to the kind of finished work you see in the Prospectus, they also “Crossover” to work alongside their creative colleagues (specialists in digital content, art direction and design) to produce bright, fresh, creative campaigns in line with a “live” brand brief.

          Here are a few key benefits/learning outcomes

          • Learn to apply concepts and processes that give greater insight into forces in the marketplace, consumers’ willingness and ability to buy, and the effective positioning of brands
          • Become accomplished in applying the principles and processes of Integrated Marketing Communication and understand the core components of this exciting profession
          • Networking with prospective employers
          • Preparing for interviews and personal guidance
          • Making lifelong friends
          • Gaining real world, practical experience
          • Learning to be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic
          • Being part of an accomplished and work-ready group

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          Once we’ve recognised you have potential, and approved your application, you need to secure your spot by paying your Application Acceptance fee.

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