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Search Engine Optimisation



Starts: 04 October 2021
Registration Closes: 01 October 2021

10 weeks

ZAR 13 500

An industry-respected Search Engine Optimisation course

Learn the tips on how to stand out in an increasingly competitive digital world and how to boost your ranking, traffic and credibility. Get an industry-respected Certificate, gain new knowledge and skills when you register for our online course, developed with SEO expert and knowledge partner, Stephen Sandmann.

The course material will teach you the most important SEO skills in just 10 short weeks, over 8 modules. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to elevate their brand or business by increasing online visibility and online traffic. Add this specialist digital marketing skill to your CV.


The reality is that AI and robots will replace many of the jobs we know today. The likes of NASA and Google are already ahead of the game in their early recognition of the importance of ‘soft’ skills. Our courses and programmes are designed to prepare humans for this unknown world, by combining topic-specific knowledge and know-how, as well as a selection of the 10 uniquely human skills we’ve identified that will set us apart from ‘robots’:

Creative thinking, leadership, empathy, conflict resolution, critical thinking, adaptability, social intelligence, persuasion, negotiation, mindfulness

This course includes:

This course is perfect for:

  • Marketers who want their brand to get the best ranking on search engines
  • Small business owners who need to get their company to the top of the  list
  • Agency teams who need to get the best results for their clients


You’ll learn what to look out for and the critical elements that contribute to performance, as well as how search engines work, how to put together a keyword research strategy, and what criteria search engines use for on page indexing and ranking content. You’ll also appreciate the pivotal role of content marketing (and keywords), and what tools to use for auditing your site, and how to optimise all the elements for the best outcomes.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
  • Module 2: Site Structure
  • Module 3: SEO & Content Marketing
  • Module 4: Advanced Optimisation
  • Module 5: Links & Link building
  • Module 6: Conducting an SEO audit
  • Module 7: Selling your idea
  • Module 8: Reporting


You'll be able to:

  • Understand the complexities of SEO, and how to put together a solid SEO strategy
  • Know what is required for websites to maximise search engine visibility
  • Gain clarity on the right metrics for measuring your SEO initiatives, and how to distinguish the ‘vanity’ metrics from the ones that truly matter
  • Find out how SEO can help you influence your customers’ buying cycle and purchase decisions
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