Content Marketing Course

Content Marketing is a 5-week, fully supported online course that will teach you how to create and publish valuable, interesting and sustainable content that helps you to build relationships, tell brand stories and keep today’s fickle digital customers engaged.

The course will teach you everything from fundamental concepts and best practices, to creating and implementing a relevant content marketing strategy for your brand or business. While very effective when executed correctly, content marketing is still a fairly new concept in the corporate world, which is why we will equip you with the skills you need to research and justify its implementation as well as set solid objectives for your strategy.

You will learn how to evaluate and implement a variety of content marketing approaches, develop a content calendar, understand how to use tools and creative tactics to expand your audience and online reach, as well as use analytics tools to test and improve your efforts. The course ends with a research project, allowing you to put theory into practice for your brand or business, and consolidate your knowledge.

Course Outline

The course is broken up into 4 modules:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Creating Marketing Content
Module 3: Distributing Content
Module 4: Measuring and Reporting

Why Should I Take This Course?

This course is great if you’re a current or aspiring marketer, a business owner, blog custodian, online manager, social media practitioner, CRM manager, or email marketer. It’s designed for absolutely anyone who’s interested in an exciting career in online and content marketing.


What our students say

“This course opened my mind to, and taught me about a more specific field of marketing, which I have really enjoyed and am now passionate about. I think this course has definitely changed my vision of where I would like to go in my career.” – Kristen Clague

“I was a bit skeptical about online learning as I really like to have a lecturer in front of me, I truly believed that I lack discipline. Guess what? I was wrong, this is the best form of learning ever. I found the website easy to navigate and all the necessary information was provided.” – Menzi Ngcobo

“This course has had a major impact on my career. I found a job in the process, and am looking forward to doing more courses. I love content marketing, so I’m very glad I did this course.” – Megan Taylor

This course is part of these learning path discount packages:

  • Course Length5 weeks
  • Start Date05 Jun 2017
  • Register By02 Jun 2017
  • Course FeeR7,200.00

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