Digital Marketing Course

In partnership with USB-Ed, our 10-week, fully supported online Digital Marketing course is designed for anyone who wants to kick-start or consolidate their digital marketing knowledge. Whether you’re a student or professional in the industry, or a business owner looking to compete in the digital age, this course will provide you with well-rounded, up-to-date knowledge and skills for your career.

The course covers digital strategy, how to optimise and use your digital assets to engage your customers, search engine marketing, online advertising, CRM and social media, copywriting for digital, direct marketing and much more. The final research project, based on a brand of your choice, will solidify your learnings, allowing you to put them into practice by formulating a real digital strategy for your brand or business.

You’ll walk away confident that you can build on and apply your knowledge in the real world, with hundreds of online best practices, tools and creative marketing ideas in your toolbox to boot.

And to help you on your way to digital marketing success, we will give you a FREE copy of the Quirk Digital Marketing Textbook (worth R499). Everything you’ll need to the take over the world of digital marketing in 20 chapters.


Course Outline

The course includes 8 modules and assignments, as well as a final research project:

Module 1: Thinking Strategically about Digital Marketing 
Module 2: Market Research and Content Strategy 
Module 3: Creating your Digital Assets
Module 4: Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing
Module 6: Online Advertising 
Module 7: Digital Direct Channels 
Module 8: Optimising your Digital Campaigns

Why should I take this course?

This course is ideal for current or aspiring marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, professionals wanting to promote their companies online more effectively, and absolutely anyone who is interested in an exciting careers in internet marketing.


What our students say:

“My whole career is changing. This has literally changed my life, and my confidence levels. Doing this course was the best decision I have ever made, besides having my children. I cannot thank you enough, and rave about R&Y to everyone.” – Linda Rudolph

“I was initially worried about the time commitment but ended up enjoying it so much that it was no hassle at all. We are a B2B company and currently revisiting our digital marketing strategy – I have a lot to implement!” – Janet De Villiers

“The course provides a functional understanding of all the current disciplines, channels, platforms and tools. I now know what can be achieved via all forms of digital communication, and have a strong foundation in the necessary working knowledge to be able to manage, strategise and guide the inception of any digital marketing project.” – Wayne Harrison

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  • Course Length10 weeks
  • Start Date04 Jul 2016
  • Registration Deadline01 Jul 2016
  • PriceR10,200.00