Web Analytics Course

Our 6-week, fully supported online Web Analytics: Foundations and Application course will provide you with a practical understanding of web analytics and big data. In our increasingly data-driven world, analytics training is important, as marketers need to understand how to extract and use the insight from data to better understand the behaviour of their customers online.

The course covers a range of topics from Google Analytics, understanding user behaviour, traffic sources and conversion paths to reporting on and optimizing your digital assets using big data. Not only will we teach you how to find the data, but also how to extract key insights for your business.

You will learn how to set up, use and understand analytics tools for web and social media via a live Google Analytics profile with real-world data, as well as create actionable and measurable objectives for your business. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to apply your learnings in the real world.

Course Outline

The course includes 6 modules, each with a highly practical assignment, as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Web Analytics
Module 2: Implementing Analytics Tracking
Module 3: Analysing Visitors and Site Content
Module 4: Analysing Traffic Sources and Campaigns
Module 5: Goals and Conversions
Module 6: Reporting and Optimisation

Why should I take this course?

This course is ideal for current or aspiring marketers, web analysts, strategists, digital marketing managers and more.
We welcome anyone who wants to make web data work for them and their business.


What our students say:

“This course will help me perform better at my job. I’m the Digital Editor of a magazine and being able to gain insight from statistics will help me to make better content decisions, and show me where the gaps are in our content pillars.” – Xanet van Vuuren

“I need to use analytics daily and this course helped me to understand it on a much deeper level.” – Jade Brennan

“Because I work in digital marketing, I find myself constantly reporting on our clients’ brands. This course helped me better understand where those numbers and figures come from and how I can better use them. I especially liked the hands-on part, where we were able to actually analyse and create our own reports, as well as draw conclusions from provided data.” – Teryl Lombard

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  • Course Length6 weeks
  • Start Date05 Jun 2017
  • Register By02 Jun 2017
  • Course FeeR9,200.00

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