We’re changing the face of the SA marketing & advertising industry.

One learnership at a time.

Everyone has a right to education, it’s at the core of social and economic upliftment in South Africa and the key to a brighter future.

We are all aware that there is a massive divide between those who can afford education and those who can’t, which is why we are committed to bridging that gap and provide the marketing, advertising and communications industry with a quality pool of young, skilled graduates through marketing learnerships in South Africa.


National Certificate of Advertising (NQF Level 5)

This 12 month learnership is designed to expose the student to the marketing and advertising communications industry in a real and practical way. Our aim is to help create better skilled, eager and ambitious minds who drive the industry forward.

The students spend 6 months training with us and then are transferred to you where they’ll expand their minds further with work-based learning.

On completion of this learnership students will have the following skills:

  • Basic marketing concepts: Understand the role that marketing plays in solving business challenges.
  • Recognize the importance of: Market context, competitors, target market understanding and reach.
  • Gain insight into: How agencies and marketing teams function and how to begin building a career in this field.
  • Exposure to specialisations: Including copywriting, media, client service, graphic design and art direction and production.
  • Develop the ability to research and inform the creative advertising process.
  • Learn key professional skills: Communication, presentation and personal branding



National Certificate in Web Development and Programming

This 12 month learnership equips students with basic skills in web development and programming. Students spend 6 months training with us, and 6 months gaining workplace experience. The programme presents an excellent source for recruiting candidates with a proven aptitude in web development and the foundation required to advance and excel through further training and investment.

On completion of this learnership students will have the following skills:

  • Intermediate HTML & CSS
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Programming in PHP
    · Capturing user input
    · Validating input
    · Storing input
    · Retrieving input for display


In addition students will be able to:

  • Apply communication best practice in the workplace
  • Understand the various roles web developers and programmers play within an organisation, and the career opportunities available to them

Benefits for the sponsors:

You’ll be providing opportunity to a hungry and enthusiastic mind, and in turn, your business will benefit too. Here are a bunch of reasons why:

  • Tax rebates
  • Wage bill subsidisation
  • B-BBEE scorecard benefits
  • Labour legislation flexibility
  • Be part of a great initiative to grow SA’s marketing and advertising talent and skills.


Check out the Resources page for an infographic on the benefits of skills development.

How the process works:

  1. Company applies for funding via industry SETA
  2. Red & Yellow recruit students who are eligible for the programmes
  3. On acceptance from SETA, agreement between student, company and Red & Yellow is signed
  4. Learnership begins with Red & Yellow
  5. After 6 months of training on campus, the student moves on to complete 6-month in-house learnership at company
  6. On successful completion, the student graduates from Red & Yellow with a NQF level 5 certificate.

We're happy to help you with the process so please email us at  info@redandyellow.co.za or call +27 21 462-1946

Providing the opportunity for someone to change their life isn’t as hard as it sounds. All they need is the springboard from which to do it.

Check out the Student Life page to take a look at life as a learnership student.