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Our outstanding alumni are proof of our commitment to creating logical business thinkers who understand human behaviour and use the magic of creative thinking to grow successful organisations.

“It's safe to say Red & Yellow changed my life. After completing a very academically-focused University qualification in an environment that didn't inspire creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation; I then found this at Red & Yellow. The exposure to this, and the inner workings of industry, is still a major influence in what I do everyday. The quality of educators and content prepared gave me a head start for, and thorough understanding of, business.“ - Veli Ngubane, Founding Partner & Creative Director

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Our Alumni continue to inspire (as guest lecturers), inform (course content that is relevant), and support (with industry-related wisdom and access to networks).

The bigger Red & Yellow community comprises lecturers, students, support teams, corporate executives, online students … and everyone who has been a part of our journey. We’re big on ‘family’, and what we believe it stands for - sticking together and supporting each other with brutal honesty and nurturing support, throughout life’s happy moments and painful lows. Because we’re all connected to something bigger.


All individuals that have studied with Red & Yellow - both online and fulltime - are automatically enrolled in our Alumni Network Benefits Programme. It’s jam-packed with exclusive learning and lifestyle benefits. Check it out.


Graduated: 1994

'Wow' factor: ‘Arguably SA advertising’s most talented and influential creative leader’.

Veli Ngubane

Graduated: 2007

'Wow' factor: Co-founder of SA’s biggest black-owned integrated marketing agency.

Jason Harrison

Graduated: 2001

'Wow' factor: Co-founder of SA's most successful indie agencies

Kamini Pather

Graduated: 2007

'Wow' factor: Winner of SA Masterchef

Conn Bertish

Graduated: 1999

'Wow' factor: Cancer-fighting author, speaker and change agent

Moe Kekana

Graduated: 2010

'Wow' factor: Respected illustrator and industry-shaper

David Moffat

Graduated: 1999

'Wow' factor: Partner and shaper of leading digital agency

Daniel Beatty

Graduated: 2002

'Wow' factor: Manages €25M portfolio for Red Bull, Greater China

Sandile Mkhasibe

Graduated: 1996

'Wow' factor: Co-founded bootcamps for brands

Nikki GreenWall

Graduated: 1998

'Wow' factor: Owns an incredibly successful production company

Sibusiso Sithole

Graduated: 2004

'Wow' factor: Co-founder of a 100% black-owned agency with leading clients

Faheem Chaudhry

Graduated: 2011

'Wow' factor: Understanding people to create meaningful change

George Wyngaardt

Graduated: 2016

'Wow' factor: Co-founder of Click Digital Africa

Dorcas Onyango

Graduated: 2003

'Wow' factor: Head of Sustainability, Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa Business Unit

Jonathan Bain

Graduated: 1994

'Wow' factor: Co-founder, Bain & Bunkell

Jabulani Sigege

Graduated: 2005

'Wow' factor: Executive Creative Director, Hero Strategic Marketing

Juliet Harding

Graduated: 2006

'Wow' factor: Lead woman for electro-swing band GoodLuck

Suvesh Arumugam

Graduated: 2018

'Wow' factor: Social Media Manager at Afrihost

Nina Daniel-Gruber

Graduated: 1995

'Wow' factor: Creative director - Retail at Mullen Lowe Group

Nancy Lockett

Graduated: 2004

'Wow' factor: Head of Marketing, events and sponsorship at FNB

David Torr

Graduated: 2012

'Wow' factor: CEO of UCook

Matt Riley

Graduated: 2003

'Wow' factor: Head of Brand at Over

Wouter Lombard

Graduated: 2003

'Wow' factor: Co-founder at MyFanpark

John Addey Malherbe

Graduated: 1997

'Wow' factor: Founder of Lode Studios

Sumayya Davenhill

Graduated: 2000

'Wow' factor: Head: Marketing & Retail Client Services at Prudential Investment Managers

Andy Hadfield

Graduated: 2002

'Wow' factor: CEO of Forgood

PJ Eales

Graduated: 2001

'Wow' factor: Group Creative Director at Publicis Machine

Richard Grossi

Graduated: 2004

'Wow' factor: Group Marketing Strategist at firstEquity Insurance Group

Nathan Jack

Graduated: 2008

'Wow' factor: Head of Design at FastComm

Meaghan Essel

Graduated: 2016

'Wow' factor: Copywriter at M&C Saatchi Abel

Christinah Mazibuko

Graduated: 2019

'Wow' factor: Owner and Director at Fifth Ace Experiential Marketing

Nicole Hewitt

Graduated: 2013

'Wow' factor: Brand Manager at Pernod Ricard

Josh Bryer

Graduated: 1996

'Wow' factor: Creative Director, Screenwriter, Author

Nikki Smal

Graduated: 2007

'Wow' factor: Events Director and Experience Creator at Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

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