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Shaping well-rounded professionals

image We’ll teach you to be a specialist in your field with the ability to manage the bigger business picture. All our programmes include elements from the four faculties we believe are crucial in preparing you for a successful career in the 21st Century


To produce great managers and leaders with the commercial logic to build great organisations and the creative magic to set them apart. We provide all the tools they need to understand both small and large organisations, and how they can affect positive change within them both locally and globally.


To produce business savvy marketing professionals who deeply understand people, are rampant innovators and are able to bring the latest trends in communications technology to their brand’s marketing mix.


To produce professionals who have a deep understanding of human behaviour and are able to use this skill to both control themselves as individuals and influence the world around them, from the people they lead to the customers they serve.


To produce smart, logical, customer focused creative talent. We train the important skills of graphic design, art direction, copywriting, photography. Importantly in a digital world, we teach content creation, user experience design, software engineering and web development.

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Meet the Lecturers



Education Manager, and Lecturer: Marketing
MBusSci (UCT) and PhD candidate in Industrial Marketing (LTU). 3 most valuable lessons on the journey that is knowledge: the best sight is insight, science is golden, and well done is better than well said.



Acting Head of Department, and Senior Lecturer: Graphic Design and Art Direction
I’m proud of my industry achievements, but even more proud of being creative with my super talented students. They teach me something new every day.



Lecturer: Marketing, Advertising & Communications (MAC)
Passion and purpose are what drives me. And people. And being curious. And this place. I seriously love this place! And every day, I get to use what I’ve learnt in nearly 20 years in the industry and share it with some incredible students.



Senior Lecturer: Digital Design
If it runs on electricity, I can help. I have had an interesting career, I've worked in art, music, design, theatre, dance (not actually dancing), jewellery... I love taking on complex problems that require divergent thinking.



Lecturer: Copywriting/Digital Content
I’m a passionate taskmaster - after 20 years in the industry, I know what it takes to compete out there. That’s what I teach.



Lecturer: Visual Studies With 5 years experience teaching at tertiary institutions, I encourage students to apply conceptual design thinking to theoretical subjects, and always conscious of the inter-relationship between theory and practice.



Lecturer: Graphic Design
I’ve been a lecturer for 13 years, teaching visual communication, drawing and illustration. I’ve also worked as an illustrator. I’m an artist and have been painting for 25 years. I’m mad about all things visual and I like to share this enthusiasm with the younger generation.



Lecturer: Learnerships and mentor (skills development)
I’ve 14 years industry experience, including 5 years teaching and mentoring young interns. I’m driven by transformation and motivated by Nelson Mandela’s quote “Education is the greatest weapon which you can use to change the world.”



Lecturer: Photography
Curiosity, exploring and creating is what I'm about. I've worked as an artist, designer, illustrator and most recently, photographer and educator. Happy and excited to be surrounded by other hard-working creative thinkers!



Lecturer: Illustration
"I believe that creativity should be practised so that it becomes second nature, like brushing your teeth or putting on underpants. I hope to encourage students to be fearless at drawing and creative thinking.



Lecturer: Marketing
I use over 20 years in the industry, together with 10 years lecturing experience, to empower students, watch them grow and ultimately do it better than any of us!



Instructional Designer
I write online courses and programmes that entice, encourage, and engage students to continue on their learning journeys.

On Campus Events


Lunchtime Lectures: Dee Chetty - Accenture Digital
Dee is a Blogger with a keen focus on Technology, Web Trends, Mobile and Cars. His career includes time as a Web Developer, Project Manager, Web Entrepreneur, Web Consultant and a Product Development Strategist. Dee loves innovation and keeps a keen eye on location-based services, mobile applications and the evolution of mobile devices. We are delighted to have Dee in the house to share his insights and key learnings with us. So bring along your lunch and enjoy an amazing talk on us!


Red & Yellow Open Day | Cape Town
Come visit our awesome campus, get a taste of what’s in-store for you in 2020, and meet the lecturers who’ll unpack each programme and what makes it special. An experience that is not only informative, but also helps you understand why Red & Yellow is so loved by Alumni, and highly-respected by industry. Who should attend: School-leavers, parents and friends - all welcome! Official presentation starts at 10:30.

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Lunchtime Lectures: Amy Kleinhans-Curd - "My Gifts from Madiba"

Amy Kleinhans-Curd, 1992 Miss South Africa, successful businesswoman, sought-after public speaker, philanthropist and brand spokesperson shares three insights from Madiba that this country - and local businesses/entrepreneurs - can't do without: 1) The power of planning 2) The power of being values driven 3) The power of certainty in yourself Madiba will never be forgotten; his legacy lives on in South Africa and he has changed millions of lives even after his death. It is our responsibility to pass those lessons on to generations to come. Amy Kleinhans-Curd has some of her own lessons to share that she learned directly from Nelson Mandela. Bring your lunch and enjoy a FREE lecture on us.

Where: Red & Yellow School campus, 97 Durham Avenue, 2nd floor, Salt River, Cape Town
Time: 12:00-12:45

Yes, I'm Coming!
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Grade 11 & 12 Creative Workshop

Come see why studying at Red & Yellow School is the right choice for you at our FREE creative workshop on 23 February and find out. You'll explore photography, design, illustration, and social media content and get a real taste of what it would be like to spend time on a bustling, vibey and creative campus. The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business will prepare you for the industry. You’ll gain the cutting edge knowledge and practical skills while meeting new people and learning more about yourself. We’ll have our awesome lecturers around to answer any questions as well as our career advisors to help you make the right decisions for you!

Where: 97 Durham Avenue, Red & Yellow School
Time: 9:30-13:00

Yes, I'm Coming!