Advanced Diploma in 
Marketing and Advertising Communications

Step up your game today with the marketing skills of tomorrow

 15-20 Hours Per Week


2 Years / Part-time

18 July 2022

Designed so you can upskill after hours



A highly flexible learning environment that allows for completing the programme in your own time, on your own terms.



An interactive online learning experience featuring everything from informative videos to engaging live chat sessions, industry-relevant forum discussions and more.

High Employability


Designed to harness uniquely human skills to set you apart from machines in the tech-dominated future – and make you sought after in the job market. 

Career booster


Accelerate your career and elevate your qualifications with skills that are industry revered – and represent a significant stamp of approval on your CV.



Unlocking your potential to think conceptually and creatively to become a strategic content developer, idea incubator, and the author of authentic brand stories. 

About the programme

WHY Equip yourself with a competitive professional edge that’ll make you stand out in the industry.


WHO Highly motivated individuals with a passion for connecting the dots between consumers and brands.


WHEN This part-time, yet intensive programme is split into 4 modules over 2 years, requiring 18 hours of study per week.

WHERE Blended delivery offering live or real time contact with lecturers on campus and zoom

This programme will teach you

A vast range of tools, techniques and skills that will enable you to strategise, analyse, justify, create and implement exceptional marketing strategies and campaigns in an increasingly fast-paced digital world.

How to build and evaluate online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, Google Display, booked media placement, social media and video advertising.

How to tackle real-world assignments, industry relationships and presentations and more as you improve, consolidate and hone your marketing skills.

How to use earned and paid digital marketing tactics to achieve optimal results.


Build meaningful relationships between brands and customers – and allow them to soar.

The ability to harness the principles of Integrated Marketing Communication in ultra-successful creative campaigns.


"Red & Yellow gave me the first step I needed to get into the industry, but it also helped me understand the importance of believing in your work and fighting for the work you want to see happen in the world."

Meaghan EsselMeaghan EsselSenior Copywriter

Key benefits

Developed by our experienced team with years of industry knowledge, this programme goes well beyond just copywriting – it teaches you to think conceptually and creatively in order to become a strategic thinker.


With our practical and future-focused approach to education, industry connections and ever-evolving programme content, you’ll be an experienced, sought-after creative and industry-ready copywriter within 24 months.

Upskilling yourself by acquiring a highly sought-after NQF 7-accredited qualification from anywhere in the world, while keeping your day job and staying in the career market.


Original, relevant and continuously updated content – curated and presented in a highly engaging online environment.


A dedicated team of programme coordinators; Instructional Designers; and industry experts that will guide and teach you.


Gain real-world practical experience.

Who is this Advanced Diploma best suited for?

Passionate communicators who want to advance their digital marketing careers on a part-time basis without leaving the job market.

Creative minds with the ability to run with innovative ideas – and turn them into tangible, profitable and meaningful results.

Highly-motivated individuals who believe in the benefits of lifelong learning, are driven to keep pace with the needs of an ever-evolving world, and understand how a journey of discovery will unlock their potential.

I literally would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my time at Red & Yellow. It kickstarted my life!

Alexia BregmanAlexia BregmanExecutive Director, Changing Tides Foundation

"This is where I flourished. I completed my 2-year diploma in copywriting at Red & Yellow in 2012 - it was one of the best rides of my life. I discovered what I love and learnt how to think conceptually and communicate complex propositions simply..."

Barclay SimpsonBarclay SimpsonCopywriter

"As good recruiters, we want to service our clients to the best of our ability. The Talent Boom is a global recruitment firm, headhunting only the best talent, to not only fill the brief of the client, but also attract the right company culture fit. One of these measures on qualifications is looking for the prestigious Red & Yellow qualification. We find that these candidates are far more equipped not only on a skills level, but an interpersonal level as well. A Red & Yellow qualification really goes a long way."

Warren VolkwynWarren VolkwynDirector, The Talent Boom

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