Skills Development

Focus on transformation, the benefits will follow

Every business should be investing in Skills Development, but it can be a challenge. It’s also the most powerful way of driving transformation while earning valuable B-BBEE scorecard points.

We can help you build a Skills Development plan to grow your business, drive transformation and maximise B-BBEE points.

Let’s get started

Most businesses are required to spend a percentage of their annual salary bill on training in order to score critical B-BBEE points. Our range of B-BBEE-optimised, accredited and SETA-fundable training programmes have been specifically developed to meet the needs of your business. Choose from:

  • Learnerships: a work-based route to a qualification (find out more about our dynamic blended programmes by clicking here)
  • Skills Programmes: a set or cluster of NQF-aligned unit standards gathered from a qualification, combined to form a short course
  • Bursaries: sponsorship for an employee or non-employee to complete a qualification

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The South African context

South Africa legislates the transformative requirements of business to redress unfair discrimination practices against previously-disadvantaged groups.

The aim of Skills Development is to improve opportunities to acquire skills and gain work experience through training and education.

“Growing up with a single parent in a small town of Blue Downs, Fountain Village, I never could’ve imagined that I would be able to attend a creative school that fuels my ambitions and dreams like this, let alone being exposed to a world where these things actually exist. My mom, who was once a domestic worker to an office manager, has taught me everything I know about working hard/smart and striving forward. However, out of her many lessons, she has taught me, the one that has stood out is being grateful to the people who assist you in your journey. So thank you so much.”

– Sibusiso Zeus Feni, 2018 Bursary student

We see the bigger picture

We’re one of the few institutions able to address the full spectrum of the Skills Development process: as a CHE-accredited Private Higher Education Institution, we offer a range of full qualifications and bursaries; and a SETA- and SABPP-accredited training provider, supporting corporates in delivering on their broader training and transformation goals.

As education providers, we teach the skills that grow successful organisations – ranging from giving juniors a powerful headstart, to accelerating seniors and execs’ career paths.

As enablers, we help corporates retain key talent, and get the maximum return on their B-BBEE Skills Development spend.

A key differentiator from other educational businesses and B-BBEE agencies, who only come from one perspective.

How we do this

We are committed to driving transformation, and have been working intensely to ensure we have a deep understanding of:

  • The regulatory framework: we get the intersection between legislation, education and the business environments.
  • The challenges industry faces: we regularly meet with a wide range of influential stakeholders, across all sectors, to get to grips with the speedbumps, frustrations and skills gaps they have to deal with.
  • The value we can add: imparting theory is not enough. The value lies in translating the theory into practical skills and expertise that are highly sought-after. So the insights we gain from industry are crucial to informing training programmes that will add the most relevant value, and making sure corporates get optimal ROI from their B-BBEE spend.
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