In the past, people entering the working world took a simple three step approach to choosing a career path: they decided what career they wanted to pursue, got the necessary qualifications, and then worked in their chosen industry until they retired. 

These days, however, things have changed dramatically, with job requirements constantly evolving and adapting with the time. As a result, people now need to also evolve and adapt throughout their career in order to stay relevant, as what they may have studied straight after school may be out of date some years down the line.

In a recent session aimed at graduates looking for career advice, hosted by the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, human resource professionals were asked to share their thoughts on how job candidates at any stage of their career can make themselves more desirable from an employment point of view. With South Africa’s current unemployment rate at an all-time high of 32.5% (Stats SA), this topic is more important than ever before. 

One of the most notable pieces of advice to come out of the session was that people have to adopt a growth mindset throughout their career. 

“We struggle to find candidates who are adaptable and aren’t just good in one area. Being multitalented will get you far in the creative industry,” said Rehana Sheriff, HR Manager at design agency, 99C, at the Red & Yellow session.

Having a growth mindset essentially means being open to developing one’s skills in order to adapt with the times. This could be anything from learning copywriting, graphic design or coding, to engaging in more lateral creative thinking. These days competition is tough, and one has to be a unicorn rather than a one trick pony, and employers are looking for people who have a general curiosity and are eager to learn. This is particularly relevant during the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in some graduates and mid-career professionals looking to enrol in short courses to develop their skills laterally and to better their chances as job seekers. 

The good news is that there are endless opportunities when it comes to skills development, with short courses covering just about every topic that can be thought of. 

By listing short courses on a CV, it shows that a candidate is interested in developing new skills and bettering themselves, making them more marketable in the long run. It also widens options and possibilities when it comes to employment and shows that they are up-to-date with their thinking and skillset. 

When asked what advice she had for people entering the working world, Di Charton, Lead of Department and Senior Lecturer at Red & Yellow said: “It is important to show a general curiosity, be interested in the world and to know what is going on around you. Be a team player and have a good attitude, skills can be taught but attitude can’t. Be a human sponge and take everything in.”

Another tip to make a CV stand out is to include an element of social responsibility. This shows that a candidate cares about the world around them and the impact they have on it.

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business offers a variety of online courses, all designed to help students developed their skills, no matter which stage of their career they are in. Some of the most popular courses include a variety of Digital Marketing courses for people at all levels, Graphic Design for Beginners, Social Media Marketing and Copywriting. 

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Established in 1994, the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business offers degrees, advanced diplomas and certificates in marketing and commerce, digital marketing, user-centred design, graphic design and art direction, copywriting, digital content creation, as well as business and corporate offerings. The school also offers a range of popular online short courses and national certificates, and its highly regarded corporate training team works with some of Africa’s most well-known companies to deliver innovative, customised programmes focused around 21st century skills. 

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The school’s alumni include business leaders who have achieved remarkable career success, across the continent and internationally, such as Jason Harrison and Faheem Chaudry of M&C Saatchi Abel; Veli Ngubane at Avatar; Dorcas Onyango at Coca-Cola; and Steph van Niekerk at Grey JHB, ranked as South Africa’s No. 1 Creative Director and No. 1 Copywriter in 2019.

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