Andy Hadfield, Red & Yellow alumnusAndy Hadfield graduated from Red & Yellow in 2002 with a Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications. He’s skilled at translating technology into language we can all understand. For the last 5 years, he’s been CEO of, SA’s biggest corporate and citizen volunteering programme and a pioneering social enterprise in the tech scene.

Let’s find out what he’s been up to since graduating.

What did you study at Red & Yellow? And how did your career unfold; graduation to now?

Marketing.  Under the good old boys, Malcolm, John, etc.

At R&Y I was running my first startup, a big student portal called getALife (gAL) (there was 1 computer in the corner that doubled as a work machine during breaks!).

After gAL, I went to a boutique digital consulting agency for 5 years building niche social networks and Deloitte’s Employee Engagement platform amongst others. I spent some time at FNB building their digital culture, social media presence, eCommerce product, etc. Then I did a consumer review startup (Real-Time Wine / MyBEER). Aside from that, I’ve done lots of management consulting, speaking, etc in the middle. I’ve been running for the last 5 years.

When someone says “Red & Yellow”, what are your immediate thoughts, memories or feelings?

Long days, hard work, hacky sack, corridor cricket, shooting a movie, watching reels and reels of the “best ads ever” People’s Cars, parties, and free-range creativity.

Please complete this open-ended sentence: “Red & Yellow taught me…”

… the value of a presentation

Tell us about your most memorable experience at Red & Yellow?

Hard to pin it down. Probably my group of friends; 3 or 4 of us are still in regular contact today.

What do you believe is critical for career success in the 21st Century?

Grit. That’s about it. The world is tough, you only learn by trying and failing so you need to be resilient enough to bounce back and try again.

What is your superpower?

I can translate technology into common tongue ;)

Where can we follow you (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook?)

Twitter: @andyhadfield
Insta: @andyhadfield (you should definitely expose this to the students – there are PLENTY of creative/design/advertising/digital marketing opportunities for volunteering – build experience as case studies within the curriculum, check out