John completed his Diploma in Graphic Design and Art Direction in 1997. After graduating he joined media house Primedia, in 1999 he co-founded JFT Productions and then later he opened his own production company, LODE Studios.

    1. How has Red & Yellow contributed to shaping your career success?
      Red & Yellow taught me what an idea is, how to follow my vision and value new combinations.
    2. What is the one thing that stands out from your time with us?
      I met a guest creative speaker from Dubai and was lucky enough to meet up with him after his talk at the V&A Waterfront– it was a meeting of power and the connection has impacted me since that day. Brian and Allan however, did that too but in a daily format.
    3. What do you believe is critical for career success in the 21st Century?
      A relationship to self
    4. What is your superpower?
      Dreaming (yes the night kind)

He believes that his life path allowed for a certain level of adaptability to apply himself creatively, which a traditional role in an agency or film production company may not have afforded him. This developed his creative character and expertise to a level where he can apply himself to his vocational niche with confidence. He is currently completing his Doctorate in Psychotherapy and Counselling at the University of Edinburgh and takes his what he’s learnt into the second part of his professional life; to qualify as a Psychologist and Jungian Analyst.