Give us your elevator pitch… who are you, what do you do, what gets you outta bed every day?

I am a digital nomad, surfer, yogi and explorer of this world. As for my side hustle, I am the creator and founder of Wazoogles Superfood, one of SA’s leading superfood brands. Passionately immersed in the plant-based world of tomorrow, I spend my days trying to bring my product ideas to life. Every morning I rise to a consistent mindfulness practice, “I am alive… I am happy.” This sets my jaw off at a steady 45 degree angle and allows me to get up and continue the daily grind of chasing my passion and taking my brand to the world stage.

What did you study at Red & Yellow?

Design and art direction (3 years).

When someone says “Red & Yellow” what are your immediate thoughts, memories or feelings?

I remember a sense of swimming upstream, a sense of freedom and an intimate community of like minded creatives as well as lecturers that lived, ate and breathed advertising right down to their very core.

Please complete this open-ended sentence: “Red & Yellow taught me…”

That failure is only really an opportunity to come back stronger.

Tell us about your most memorable experience at Red & Yellow on campus? Preferably good.

My most memorable experience was when unbeknownst to the wrath that lay ahead, I innocently walked into the legendary ad man and my lecturer at that time, Brian Searle-Tripp’s office with a sense of pride and enthusiasm to show off my latest print ad campaign idea. Needless to say, what followed was a string of exclamation marks and dollar signs. I stumbled out of his office absolutely bewildered. Soon, I would realise that Brian was masking his devotion to us as young creatives with harsh criticism and near terror in order to mould us into the next best generating of creatives and for that I will be forever grateful.

– Warren Goodman

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