Choosing a career path can be very exciting, but also an overwhelming experience. Some already have an idea as to what path they want to take whereas, others have no clue what they want to do for a living. When many think about their future career they envision a steady stream of jobs within one industry, successfully climbing the corporate ladder. 

However, this type of career recipe isn’t as common as it once was. The reality is that people change jobs and external factors also force jobs to change. The COVID pandemic is a good example of this. The pandemic has shown how quickly career paths and company growth plans can change. 

So, if you are thinking how you can prepare for your future career, here are five tips that might be useful. 

Stay ahead of the curve by researching trends

It is important that you stay ahead of the curve and somehow prepare yourself for your future job, even if they don’t yet exist. Many of the jobs advertised today didn’t even exist a few years ago. Therefore, it is important to researching trends not only in your interested career path, but also general career trends will enable you to map out your career trajectory. 

An interesting trend that has recently gained traction is the metaverse, all thanks to Facebook as they recently change their company name to Meta. The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds that are focused on social connection.   

We will soon see metaverse worlds becoming mainstream and will become the next natural evolution of the internet. Organisations will start looking at creating immersive environment where people can work and play.  

Look at potential employers 

Looking at potential employers will allow you to see job availability. It is no secret that technology is advancing at a rapid speed. This presents the possibility that certain jobs can become redundant and  In the possible future we might even see the metaverse being used for hiring talent as organisations will have access to global talent pool. 

Talk to professionals 

Consider joining industry groups. This can help open you up to meeting people in an industry and forge new connections. It will also give you some insight as to what it is like working within that specific industry. 

Your lifestyle in relation to your career choice 

It is inevitable that you are most likely to change over the years. The way you perceive challenges and your lifestyle may also be affected when making decisions. You must also think long term when it comes to choosing a career path. Ask yourself will your enjoy your chosen career later down the line? 

Never stop learning 

We have all heard it before that education is key. Take advantage of all the educational opportunities that come your way. You should always look at ways to grow and develop your skills this will give you an competitive edge in your chosen career. 

These considerations will allow you to make an informed decision as to what to study which will determine your career path. Remember it is also fine to change your career path from one to the other. You should never feel like you are stuck doing something that that you are no longer passionate about. 


NOTES TO EDITOR: Red & Yellow School of Creative Business.

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business is a CHE-accredited private higher education institution headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. It is an established cornerstone of the South African marketing, advertising, design and business industries, teaching its students to think creatively and equipping them with the critical commercial and 4IR skills that they need to thrive in a digital world.

Established in 1994, the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business offers degrees, advanced diplomas and certificates in marketing and commerce, digital marketing, user-centred design, graphic design and art direction, copywriting, digital content creation, as well as business and corporate offerings. The school also offers a range of popular online short courses and national certificates, and its highly-regarded corporate training team works with some of Africa’s most well-known companies to deliver innovative, customised programmes focused around 21st century skills. 

Red & Yellow has deep, longstanding ties with industry and works with leading brands and agencies throughout Africa to ensure its students and alumni are always world-class and work-ready. Its students are regular nominees and winners at local and international awards ceremonies, including the Loeries, Pendorings and D&ADs. 

The school’s alumni include business leaders who have achieved remarkable career success, across the continent and internationally, such as Jason Harrison and Faheem Chaudry of M&C Saatchi Abel; Veli Ngubane at Avatar; Dorcas Onyango at Coca Cola; and Steph van Niekerk at Grey JHB, ranked as South Africa’s No. 1 Creative Director and No. 1 Copywriter in 2019.

In addition, Red & Yellow is a member of Honoris United Universities, the pan-African private higher education network focused on educating the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs with industry-ready skills. 

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