This much-anticipated year-end event is where graduating creative students get to make talent tangible. An exhibition that exposes friends, family and, most importantly, industry to their award-winning, boundary-pushing creative work.

We were privileged that prestigious creatives and leading corporate players made time in their busy diaries to attend the exclusive preview. And delighted when agency luminaries, including Francois de Villiers and Gordon Ray, complimented us on the diverse range of work on display, and recognised that our briefs not only facilitated creative thinking, they also led to output that was practical and real-world relevant. An attribute they seldom see at other Grad Showcases.

Guests spoke very highly of the lecturing staff, one of our distinct differentiators, and the framework they provided that accommodated both students and industry-reality.

To each person who made this evening possible, a huge congratulations. A special mention needs to go out to all the hard work that our Copywriting, and final batch of Graphic Design and Art Direction Diploma students put in.

To everyone who attended, from industry creatives, parents and friends, thank you for celebrating with us.


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