Over and above being a dog lover (which immediately shoots her to the top of the line) and superhero aficionado, find out why Robyn – our Head of the Instructional Design team – cares so deeply about creating online courses that add enormous value.

What do you love about your role as Head of the Instructional Design team?

As the key driver of the online course content, I love working out how to package complex subjects into easily-understandable and digestible pieces coupled with practical assignments that bring the theory to life, making it more relatable and meaningful.

While online learning is a flexible and incredibly convenient way to gain new skills and boost career paths, it also requires self-motivation. So I head up one of the many teams that are committed to helping students realise that online learning can be fun and “human”, rather than scary or alienating, coupled with designing or crafting new or existing courses to ensure they are industry-relevant and geared to enabling students to add value from the start.

How does this align with your personal mantra?

I love (that should probably be in caps) learning new things all the time.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I’m very proud of the courses I’ve written. As well as a recent request for a reference letter to study at University of Texas  from a Korean university student I taught who professed “I made him love English.’

 Academic qualifications?

I have a Masters in English, TEFL diploma, BSocSc in English and Psych