When the door opens, does it stay open for others to follow?

Do you know the story of Elizabeth Thompson? She was the first female artist to have her work shown at the Royal Academy. The Roll Call, a painting depicting French soldiers gathering themselves after a battle of the Crimean War. Thompson’s work took England by storm — this was in 1874, sounds like progress, right? Well, the story isn’t as simple as that.

Revisionist History is a podcast created and hosted by prolific author Malcolm Gladwell. He explores moments in history that have been misunderstood or overlooked. In the first episode, The Lady Vanishes, Malcolm explores art and politics through the lens of moral licensing and the phenomenon of “tokenism”. It’s a fascinating 37 minutes and a great introduction to the series. With detailed and unexpected reinterpretations of the past, you’ll find you’ll start thinking differently; more curious and empathetic. #RYThoughtOfTheWeek

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