Are you looking to understand the change from SETA accreditation to the QCTO? Discover the latest updates on Learnerships as the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) steps in for the SETAs. This transition promises a more streamlined and consistent approach to occupational qualifications and skills programs. Rest assured, Red & Yellow remains committed to offering industry-leading qualifications, ensuring your business stays ahead. Keep reading as we answer your questions and give you insights on what this means for your Learnerships and how we’re preparing to navigate this transition together.

What is the QTCO and what does this mean for the SETAs?

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is a regulatory body tasked with overseeing the creation, implementation, evaluation, and certification of job-related qualifications and skills programs. The QCTO will substitute the SETAs as the main accreditation authority for these programmes, with the SETAs continuing to support as quality assurance partners under the QCTO’s supervision. This change aims to make the education system for various occupations more consistent and efficient, while also addressing the issue of youth unemployment in South Africa. The SETAs will still manage mandatory and discretionary funding distribution and will also have new roles as development quality partners (DQPs) and assessment quality partners (AQPs) for occupational qualifications.

What does this mean for Learnerships, their benefits and my available options?

Exciting developments are on the horizon! Rest assured, the recognition of Learnerships for B-BBEE purposes remains unchanged, and the valuable S12H allowance will continue to be accessible. While there will be notable adjustments in the array of programmes offered and their delivery methods, it’s important to note that not every SETA programme will have a direct QCTO equivalent. However, there will be a selection of comparable programmes available, with new ones anticipated to emerge over the next few years following industry consultations (Red & Yellow is already actively engaged in this process). Additionally, learners will be required to undertake a standardised national external exam devised by the QCTO, aiming to elevate the quality standards across all training providers and programmes.

For employers, it’s important to note that the SETAs have implemented the Workplace Approval process for Occupational Certificates, particularly those that have been granted discretionary funds. This process necessitates the submission of certain documents. We are here to provide guidance and support throughout this process to our industry partners.

How does this affect Red & Yellow’s offering?

Enrollment for our SETA qualifications and accredited short programmes will cease after 15 June 2024. However, if we receive your delegates details and can enrol them with the SETA before this deadline, we can continue running the programme beyond 30 June (we have until 30 June 2027 to achieve and certify these students and  fulfil the enrolled students’ requirements).

If you are interested in commencing  a learnership program later this year and can provide us with the delegate’s details by 15 June, we can still accommodate you with our existing SETA offerings.

We have been working towards this deadline for a quite some time, and are in the process of finalising our accreditation and developing new content for the following programmes: 

  • Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator (NQF 5 | 175 Credits) (Learnership ID: 32Q320161181755)
  • Occupational Certificate: Design Thinking Practitioner (NQF 4 | 100 Credits) (Learnership ID: 32Q320173161004)
  • Occupational Certificate: Design Thinking Innovation Lead (NQF 4 | 160 Credits (Learnership ID: 32Q320172201604)
  • Higher Occupational Certificate: Advertising (NQF 5 | 120 Credits) (Learnership ID: TBC)
  • Occupational Certificate: Project Manager (NQF 5 | 240 Credits) (Learnership ID: 32Q320065282405)
  • Occupational Certificate: Data Science Practitioner (NQF 5 | 185 Credits) (Learnership ID: 32Q320170251855)

We have exciting plans to launch some of the above programs starting in February to March 2025.

Our team is actively exploring a range of new qualifications, including innovative skills programmes, and we look forward to sharing more details with you in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for further updates!

I’m still a bit confused and concerned about how this all might affect my business!

We are your partners on this journey together! There is a notable level of anticipation surrounding this migration and a desire for clarity on its practical implications for employers. We are committed to accompanying you on this journey and are eager to arrange a meeting to delve deeper into these matters, providing comprehensive support as you navigate your next steps. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, as our dedicated Business Relationship Managers are on standby to assist you with planning your next Learnership intervention.

Email our dedicated team at today with any queries, and to enrol in Learnerships before 14 June 2024.