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Our graduates exit with the commercial logic and creative magic that sets them apart


R&Y’s programmes empower corporates to develop key talent and deliver maximum B-BBEE Skills Development ROI.

Solid industry partnerships enable us to pinpoint key skills gaps – and effectively address the challenges they face.

Superior customer service has been embedded in our DNA for more than a decade.

Our network of Alumni highlights our commitment to produce business minds of the highest caliber and as guest lecturers, they inspire the leaders of the future.


Structured Work-based/Online learning programmes (available as employed and unemployed models) merging theory and workplace practice, culminating in an NQF Level 5 SETA-accredited qualification.


Employers benefit from:

  • Increased ROI through SETA learnership grants &
    tax incentives
  • Optimised skills development recognition for B-BBEE purposes

Duration: 12+ months

Accreditation Logos

Programmes Available as Both Employed and Unemployed Delivery Models

  • Digital Marketing
  • User-Centered Design
  • Creating Digital Content
  • Experience Design for Financial Services
  • Design Thinking In Action

Upcoming Learnerships

Digital Marketing Employed Online Learnership

Upskill your teams with essential Digital Marketing and Project Management expertise. This programme will give learners industry-relevant knowledge, expose them to international best practice, and teach them theoretical foundations and practical techniques and skills to enter the field of digital marketing and online advertising.

  • 7 November 2022

Design Thinking Employed Online Learnership

This pioneering Learnership programme is specifically designed to enable learners across all disciplines and sector to learn and apply the Design Thinking principles to their immediate environment and to the companies and teams in which they work.

  • 3 October 2022

User Centered Design Employed Online Learnership

Equip your teams with the mindset necessary to fuel the development of innovative and impactful solutions to your customer’s real-world needs. This programme will teach learners to better understand human behaviour, learn how to solve complex problems in a unique new way and elevate and expand their design skills to more advanced and impactful levels.

  • 1 August 2022

We’re running all of the above Learnerships as open runs, meaning that there is no upper or lower limit to how many people companies need to enrol.

Bursary and Brand Partnerships

Corporate bursaries are increasingly attractive training and development investments, and the latest Skills Development targets in the B-BBEE Codes allocate 4 points for black student bursaries at Private Higher Education Institutions like Red & Yellow.


We see education as the key to transformation – our social promise ensures at least 10% of our students don’t have to pay for their studies, along with corporate bursary-partnership packages. Through generous support we surpassed this in 2021 with 27% supported in total and our 2022 cohort is a whopping 91 students!

Bursary Candidates Available in the Following Programmes

Bachelor of Arts: Visual Communications

We will teach you how to harness and develop your individuality, while preparing you for a competitive, dynamic and tech-dominated future. With a Red & Yellow education, you’ll always have a competitive edge, thanks to our strong industry connections which we’ve been building since 1994. Explore your uniqueness,
develop new skills and evolve into the optimal you.


Programme Fees

R93 500 per annum + once-off R9,500 registration fee

Bachelor of Commerce: Marketing

This highly-relevant qualification prepares students for the ever-evolving business
landscape – with a specialist focus on all the disciplines related to marketing and commerce; along with the theory and practical applications needed to equip them with thestrategic, practical and critical thinking skills industry so desperately needs.


Programme Fees

R93 500 per annum + once-off R9 500 registration fee

Advanced Diploma: Marketing and Advertising Communications

You’ll get the chance to work on real briefs with real brands and learn a diverse range of skills across a variety of disciplines. If you see a future for yourself in the digital space, this is the postgraduate qualification you need. Many of our students are hired before they even graduate. Explore the practical and business side of your creativity and get valuable professional edge with this industry-ready and inclusive qualification.


Programme Fees

R84 500 per annum + once-off R9,500 registration fee

Advanced Diploma: Digital Marketing

The first of its kind in Africa, this NQF level 7 online-learning Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing will provide you with a unique and highly sought-after qualification and skill set to enable career advancement. It’s intensive and covers each aspect of digital marketing in detail. The strong focus on analytics, strategy and optimisation; as well as industry relationships and presentation, is what differentiates the programme from similar qualifications.


Programme Fees

R84 500 per annum + once-off R9,500 registration fee

Advanced Diploma: User Centered Design

This one-year programme will teach you how to become a skilled and accomplished digital designer, giving you an edge in a world of increasing competition and shorter attention spans. Learn how to grab and engage your audience right from the start with appealing, user-friendly and detailed design.


Programme Fees

R84 500 per annum + once-off R9,500 registration fee

Higher Certificate: Creating Digital Content

People are making entire careers out of influencing social media channels like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Bloggers and vloggers make a living out of creating content, trading likes, shares and follows for brand engagement purposes. Globally-loved brands’ equity is based on captivating content which literally goes viral in the media.


Programme Fees

R59 500 per annum + once-off R9,500 registration fee

Higher Certificate: Graphic Design

If you find yourself looking at brands and thinking about how you would have designed their logo differently or how you would change the packaging of your favourite coffee; if you have creative flair, a curiosity about how web banners work, and the thinking that goes into those ads in your social media feeds, then this programme is for you.


Programme Fees

R59 500 per annum + once-off R9,500 registration fee

Skills Programmes

Our blended or fully online accredited Skills

Programmes combine a world-class online learning experience with practical, sector-specific workshops to

deliver highly impactful outcomes with focused training

over a period of 3 to 6 months.


  1. Creative Management
  2. Foundations of Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Content and Copywriting
  4. Project Management
  5. Digital Media Management
  6. Advanced Client Service


All our Skills Development programmes and short courses can be customised into workshop-style learning experiences that are tailor-made to keep industry leaders ahead of the  curve. These are run typically over 3 to 5 days to suit the client’s operational needs. 


We also offer Masterclasses in partnership with our knowledge partners who are industry experts in specialist fields such as:


  1. DesignThinking 
  2. SEO / Web Analytics 
  3. Digital Marketing 
  4. Creative thinking and Innovation 
  5. Service Design 
  6. Data Storytelling & Data Analysis 

Our Credentials


We are a level 2 contributor to B-BBEE with 110% procurement recognition.


Honoris Network

Red & Yellow is a proud member of the Honoris United Universities network. Africa's first and largest pan-African network of private higher education institutions.

"Red & Yellow is the perfect higher educational provider to partner with for a Learnership. The guidance and support from senior leaders to operational implementation has made coordinating two learnerships a breeze for Ogilvy SA. Thanks for the phenomenal support to both Ogilvy SA and our learners in making this happen!"

Liesl Damain-HarrisLiesl Damain-HarrisFormer Head of Learning & Development, Ogilvy

Our Clients

Standard Bank
Sun International
Dimension Data
Old Mutual

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