2024 Registration – New Students

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We’re delighted you’ve chosen the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business as the catalyst to drive your future career success. 

We know filling in forms is boring but the information you fill in below is critical, and a non-negotiable requirement as part of the registration process. It won’t take long and once it’s done you’re done, get ready for an exciting year of fun, curiosity, creativity and learning!

Step 1

There are two forms that we are required to have on file for you, these are required by the Council of Higher Education. 

Please download each of these by clicking on the buttons below.

Step 2

Once downloaded, please read, sign and save them somewhere safe. Please save them with yor name and surname as part of the name.

Step 3

 Complete the form below


Monday 12 February 2024 – Friday 16 February 2024
09h00 – 17h00

More information to follow.