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AI for Digital Copywriting

Online Micro Course

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and every day new AI tools are changing the world of copywriting. But instead of replacing the discipline, they are here to empower you to reach new levels of creativity and streamline the way you work.

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Stay ahead of the curve with Red & Yellow’s AI for Digital Copywriting micro course, launching soon. With it, you’ll:

  • Apply an understanding of the principles of effective digital copywriting to the evaluation of AI generated copy for various purposes and audiences. 
  • Use basic and advanced prompt engineering to generate and improve copy in ChatGPT and GPT 4.  
  • Create a mini-portfolio of work featuring AI generated copy for blogs, websites, and email newsletters, aligned with the principles of digital copywriting.   
  • Gain a competitive edge and unlock new possibilities in the world of digital marketing.
  • Future-proof your skill sets with fast, easy learning.

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