If you’re ambitious – or just wanting to secure your career prospects in the current pandemic predicament we find ourselves in – you already know that a key determinant is the ability to offer more value (and more relevance) than your peers. You know that online qualifications are a must-have. The perception that ‘years of experience’ has a direct correlation to one’s value is so ‘last century’, let alone ‘last Tuesday’. 

Why? Because technology is fast-forwarding the realities of life at a pace that borders on terrifying. And relying on ‘what worked in the past’ is not an option anymore. Corporate survival and sustainability is now contingent on being agile and adaptable; which in turn, relies on humans to make it happen. 

How? And the only way humans can make it happen is through remaining curious, constantly learning and having a growth mindset.  

learning online qualificationsThis is what fuels our relentless quest to provide future-focused, customised, lifelong learning options. And hopefully explains why we couldn’t resist sharing the launch of our 4 new, fully-online accredited qualifications – in Digital Marketing (based on Red & Yellow’s globally-acclaimed textbook), User-Centered Design, Strategic Management, and Creating Digital Content

4 critically-important disciplines right now, chosen with care in response to numerous requests from prospective students for a solution to their dilemma of the inability to attend classes on campus due to Covid-19 concerns or geographical proximity, versus their desire to bolster their CV (and career stakes) with an accredited qualification from a Business School known for being future-focused. 

The online certifications have been designed for working folks so that they spend minimal time on the theory, and maximum time on applying the theory in their place of work. In the same vein, assignments are also geared to their current business challenges, rather than on ethereal situations that have no relevance to their lives. 

As you all know, we’ve been offering customised online courses for almost 20 years. So the transition to including online accredited programmes is simply the next step, and highly appropriate for the times we are in. 

Our predominant focus remains on adding, what we refer to internally as, the “uniquely human touch”. Based on feedback, we know how important this is in making ‘online’ more ’human’.  Every student gets a dedicated Programme Coordinator to guide them throughout their learning journey (and sometimes just check in on their state of mind), as well as live tutorial sessions with subject-matter experts or industry leaders, over and above the usual enriched-media enhancements.

If you know of anyone wanting to bolster their career, these SETA-accredited programmes are definitely worth considering.