UCOOK came along and transformed many people’s weekday dinner turmoil. No more stressing about fitting in the grocery shopping or which healthy, quick and delicious meal to make for Wednesday night dinner. We’re proud to say that it was David Torr, one of our alumni, who co-founded this terrific company.

David studied copywriting with us in 2012, and 2 years later, co-founded UCOOK. We recently caught up with him to see what he’s up to, what’s next on the horizon and how his time at Red & Yellow impacted his career.

“Red and Yellow nurtured my ability to think laterally, logically and unconventionally at the same time. I developed my creative and critical thinking muscles which I use almost every day. I’m so grateful for the transferable, practical and relevant nature of the skill set I got while studying — it’s allowed me to explore interests and areas that would usually be out of reach. Also, a massive thanks must go to my lecturers – the personalised attention I received took me from wayward to diligent. My experience at R&Y gave me the confidence to throw myself into my projects and passions and taught me to believe in myself and my ideas.”

But what’s next for David? Well, a number of exciting things. UCOOK is moving into the retail space, having recently partnered with one of SA’s largest retailers (the name cannot be revealed just yet) to provide them with scrumptious ready-made meals.

Wine anyone? Yes? Soon UCOOK will be offering wine pairings with their meals!

Ever heard of a dark kitchen or ghost restaurant? Sounds creepy right? But, it’s actually one of the latest developments in the food industry. Traditional restaurants with a front of house have massive overheads; thousands of restaurants, all over the world, have had to close their doors. Dark kitchens are just about the food, their delivery-only style format allows them to serve incredible food to their customers without all the extra costs. What’s even better is that this straightforward setup allows creativity to flourish and lets the “restaurants” change their concepts as they wish. Intrigued? Find out more about dark kitchens. David will be revealing more about this exciting development soon.

In the meantime, if you’re not already familiar with UCOOK’s sublime offering, check them out their website, and enjoy their mouthwatering Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.