Nancy graduated with her Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications in 2004. After qualifying, Nancy spent a few years in London and Dubai and then joined FNB in 2013 as the Executive Assistant to Michael Vacy-Lyle, the CEO of FNB Business. She is currently the Head of Marketing, Events and Sponsorship at FNB. Nancy believes in an entrepreneurial culture and can-do attitude.

Read more about Nancy’s journey with Red & Yellow, and how her career was shaped with us.

    1. How has Red & Yellow contributed to shaping your career success?
      Throughout my career I have studied an array of different disciplines from accounting to project management to digital analytics, just to name a few. I believe that Red & Yellow assisted me in shaping my career success through firstly igniting a passion in myself around brands and products, but the biggest thing for me was that the year I spent at Red & Yellow did not feel like I was studying, it felt like I was learning in a real-life work environment. We got to work on real brands and real business cases and we had to work in different teams with different roles and responsibilities so we got a real picture of what advertising and marketing looked like. It was the best ‘study year of my life’.
    2. What is the one thing that stands out from your time with us?
      The range of different business cases we had to solve was awesome. Firstly starting off with doing research in-store as well as interviews all the way to producing a final marketing strategy and then presenting to your peers (and sometimes the actual client), and getting filmed and then receiving constructive criticism of how to improve your presentation skills! Learning how to work within a team and manage different roles really equipped me for the real world of working.
    3. What do you believe is critical for career success in the 21st Century?
      Flexibility and adaptability to change… gone are the days of dreaming that you will have a linear career. For example, I want to be an accountant and one day the CFO of a bank. Yes, you may study accountancy, but your career in the 21st Century may evolve dramatically. So I believe that you need to be able to be flexible to the different environments in which you will operate, as well as be able to adapt to the change in the work you may be doing. I have a 4-year-old son and I know that the career that he will have one day doesn’t exist yet, so all I can do right now is to ensure that he has the tools to be able to cope in different environments and give him the confidence to be whatever he wants to be, it’s not easy ;-)
    4. What is your superpower?